• Hey, mate :-).

    I happen to see your profile in one of Ogtha's discussion threads. As the title say, i'm glad i met someone who like Spiderman (on a side-note: Having profiles in the heroes wiki and Silent Hill are also things i hold in your favor). Along with Batman, he's one of my favorite superheroes.

    If i may, i have some questions:

    1. Happen to see "Venom"? If so, do you also think the new Venom might be the new best Spiderman? And do you think Riot wanted Venom to become like him, or the other way around?

    2. I'm on my way to see "Spider-verse". Before seeing it: Do you also have a feeling that a future live-action Spiderman film will feature Miles Morales/Spider Gwen as the new protagonist? It would be interesting to see Peter get killed and having Gwen avenging him.

    3. From 1 to 11, how much do you hate Topher Grace's version of Venom?

    4. Have a favorite Spiderman villain?

    5. I'm not saying Marry-Jane can ever compete Gwen. She can't. But do you think she'll be able to evolve into equally good character in the distant future?

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    • I appreciate the gratitude and respect man, but to answer your questions i have seen Venom i thought it wasn't that bad of a movie as people made it seem although i felt like maybe they could've made a Spiderman cameo or at least mention him but over all i thought it was ok and Riot i don't know but it's possible that he wanted venom to be like him. To answer your second question: it's highly likely there will be a movie about Spider Gwen and Miles if the Spider-verse movie does well which it already is. 3rd question: oh boy, i would give topher grace venom a 3 to 11 what ruins him as a character is his snobbish acting and self-centered attitude as Eddie and Eddie in the comics is noticeably more bulky and less alike to topher Grace's portrayal, i guess his suit was ok lol. Question 4: favourite Spiderman villain would have to be between Green goblin and Electro but if i had to chose it would be Goblin. Question 5: i believe Mary-Jane could evolve as a character but they just have to give her a good role to do other than just playing damsel in distress cliche but give her a role that's more meaningful to her character.

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    • 1. Maybe Spiderman will appear in the sequel. I mean, now Venom have Carnage on his mind. Beside the fact Carnage was what bonded Peter and Brock to begin with, I was informed by a pen-mate that Riot would be probably proud of Carnage. Do you also think Riot would be proud, or will he see Carnage as a lunatic who freaking him out?

      2. I know the good people are working on a reboot. A live-action movie would work better. Why would someone do a reboot to a good thing? Reboots are higher than originals on the food pyramid, so IMO doing a reboot for a good original is like sending navy seals to do a traffic cop's job. Know what I mean?

      3. The nosy producers and Topher can never go well. Of course Topher is to blame, but the good people's decision to write Venom as wannabe Carnage was disrespecting. Maybe it's just me, but I could've swallow Topher if only Peter himself wasn't becoming a colossal scumbag who expect people to save him regardless to life. At Topher didn't played Peter lol. Would you say Topher is a meta-destroyer (a title for those who ruins the story in a meta-level, not just the setting plot-wise), or do you save this dubious title to fictional characters only?

      4. Good answer :-). If he was in a zombies story, he could reanimating Cammy as an elite zombie lol. Good move with making zombie Cammy as your new profile BTW. Speaking of zombies: Which is your favorite Resident Evil protagonist?

      5. If not giving her powers, she can work like Ann Weying was in "Venom", except without becoming She-Venom. A devoted and realistic ex in a superheroes comics can be quite refreshing. If the good people insist on doing her a damsel, at least they should make her a truly nice person vs the prick she was in Spiderman 3. And give Bryce Dallas Howard the respect she deserve.

      P.S: Please use numbers in paragraph for each number. It's easier that way.

      P.S2: Are you also into Scream? If so, I have a fanfic series named "Scream Noir", which is now in season 2's episode 3.

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    • My favorite resident evil character would have to be Leon with Jill being a close second. What about you?

      I watched the scream movies there good and thank you for complimenting my Cammy avatar.

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    • 1. I would say it's probably Leon. Eda was cool. And stunning as hell :-). Did you hated Salazar as much as I did? I can hate fictional characters only to an extent (definitely not how much some people hate Felicity Smoak), but Salazar is just beyond hate sink.

      2. I assume you don't have opinions about paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 5 at the moment. Take your time. I know how busy life can be. I'm a 3rd year college student, so I should know. How about you? What's your current accusation?

      3. Here's the link to Scream Noir:

      Also, I have a rap battle series in the heroes wiki. 3 episodes so far:

      What do you think?

      4. If you decide you're tired of talking about Spiderman, which knowledgeable person would you recommend me to talk with? Not saying i'm thrilled about it. Just in case.

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    • To answer your questions about 1,2,3, and 5

      1. I think Riot will see Carnage as a lunatic.

      2. yeah i agree Reboots tend to fail with very few successful ones like IT.

      3. I believe Topher would have been better as Carnage but i wouldn't say it was his fault it was bad casting, he could've just been a different character altogether.

      5. i agree.

      Aside from that i work part-time mornings at retail and planning on doing photography in the future.

      For your question 4 of if i feel tired (I'm not) but i don't know many people on this wiki who are fans of Spiderman on here personally but Oghta was but he's banned.

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    • 1. The good people better not turning Weying into another Gwen Stacy. I know Carnage might kill her, but there's only so much we can see a girlfriend of an arachnid hero get killed. Now Spider-Gwen take on Carnage. That's something everyone must see.

      2. It was damn good. Bill Skarsgård really understood the meaning of a children-predator clown. Tim Curry just made a joke out of it. I'm considering the possibility that mabye Patrick Hockstetter is one of Pennywise's ofsprings. As both are pure evil and Hockdtetter is called "Pennywise Junior", i won't rule it out. From what you know about Steven King, which characters do you see as Pennywise's ofsprings?

      3. Here are some actors i think can make Carnage far better: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix (Commodus, Syndrome and soon a new take of Joker), Cameron Monaghan (Jerome Valeska) and Taron Egerton. If Topher want to come to these people's level, he sould imitate another actor until his acting will get improved. That's what Val Kilmer always did. Noticed how Val Kilmer was imitating Marlon Brando in most of his movies? So that's "Val Kilmer Syndrome", something Topher should do. Even more true in regard to Kristen Stewart. Topher is at least a nice person. Krisen? Not so much.

      4. Sounds cool :-). I'm bad at shooting photos, so i can't even imagine how challenging wil it be. Does it also mean you're good with Photoshop?

      5. Any opinion about "Heroes Rap Battles"/"Scream Noir"? In case of opinions, who are your winners in Mowgli-Simba, Dorothy-Alice and Blue-Aladar rap battles?

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    • 2. Henry bowser i can see as an offspring.

      3. I agree.

      4. Yeah i took photo for two years in highschool so i know how to use Photoshop adequately although not perfect and i also know every option for Cameras.

      5. I like your hero rap battles but i would say Mowgli-Simba won.

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    • 1. Who's Henry Bowser? I searched him in this wiki. And in Google. Found nothing. In which novek he was?

      2. There was one setting which Topher didnt ruined. "That's 70s Show". If you happen to see it, you remember that Eric Forman was a highly self-destructive man. Even Jackie, who went through 75% of her male friends, never came anywhere close to even consider dating with him. A colossal red flag to me. After all he did to himself, to Donna and overall life of idiocy, are we sure Kelso is the idiot of the group?

      3. I have a pen-mate who know his way with Photoshop. Would you like me to send you his messages wall?

      4. I meant for specific candidates. Which is your winner from each episode? Also, happen to read Scream Noir?

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    • 1. I meant Henry Bowers with an s at the end.

      2. I watched a few episodes of the 70's show so my memory of it is a little hazy but i wouldn't put it pass that.

      3. No it's fine but i appreciate your generosity.

      4. I'll answer when i fully decide.

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    • 1. From what I saw, Bowers does seems like someone who can make Pennywise proud. Also applies for Bryce Walker and Montgomery de la Cruz. If you happen to see "13 Reasons Why", do you have an educated guess about how Bryce and Montgomery will get their karma? If you have a theory on that matter, do you see Clay killing either of them with him bare hands?

      2. Specifically, Topher should imitate Emma Roberts for the near future. The way she did Jill in Scre4m (I gave her the nickname "Babyface", as appears in Scream Noir) is something Topher can observe before his next villainous character. Did Edwin from "Predators" scared you, or was his fear factor got ruined by Topher's non-exist acting talent? It's important to say Topher is a good man. As a person, I can see myself having a cup of coffee with him. But you know what I think of him as an actor.

      3. If you'll change your mind, I can still talk to him. As for "Heroes Rap Battles": I assume you didn't decided yet. Take your time :-). If and when you'll decide, do you decide by arguments or by characters? I have ideas for the whole season, but if you have ideas for a possible 2nd season, feel free to share.

      4. Since Joaquin Phoenix will have a Joker of his own in the near future, I assume Joker (AKA Arthur Fleck) is going to face someone who's even worse than himself. It can't be Bane, since Bane have his standards. Someone who's worse than the Joker must be ruthless from hell. Any speculations about which ruthless enemy would Arthur Fleck have?

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