• 1. who is the father and mother figure?

    2. home or base of their operation?

    3. are they family in a truest sense?

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    • Hi. the truth is not explained very well in the context of the short, what is the relationship that these three individuals have. The mother is the woman in a thin black dress, the man is the one who has a lock and smile constantly. possibly more than a home, it is a base of operations where many tools and torture rooms are being built. The only family that I saw among the group, was the drawing of the goat that the girl made (typical of parents hanging the drawings of childhood).

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    • in case you didn't know there are infobox templates for Partners in Crime and Evil Family. 

      use whichever infobox you would see fit.

      Evil-Doer, I believe, applies only to a single particular individual.

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