• Dear Eobard95,

    When Earth-X Oliver first appeared Stephen Amell was credited as Black Arrow. It was listed on the character's Arrow wiki page as that. I actually campaigned for the page to be changed from Dark Arrow (which it was called at the time) to Black Arrow on the Villains wiki. I now realized the mistake I made. In Fury Rogue Leo Snart called him Dark Arrow and it turns out Black Arrow was not his code name. His Arrow page now says Dark Arrow instead of Black Arrow. His Villains wiki page still says Black Arrow. I tried to rename it but I don't have clearance. I was hoping you could rename it as its history says you did it before. If you want to verify what I am saying look up Oliver (Earth-X) on the Arrowverse wiki. I also made of list of pages with links to Black Arrow to fix if the page is renamed. Please help me fix this mistake. I will understand if you don't. Please let me know right away.

    Sincerely, ChrisG1999

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    • I'm not Eobard95, but you need to ask an admin if you want a page to be renamed. Only admins can rename pages.

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