• Hi, Valkerone, it appears that Magma MK-II has deleted a page that I had completed. I had worked on the Crazy Hand page for a few days and I wanted there to actually be a page for him, as he is still a villain.

    If you're able to, could you restore everything that was deleted? I would really appreciate it, so I didn't have to recreate it myself. However, if you're unable to, could I have permission to recreate it?

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    • This article has been deleted over and over again for some time now, but the reasoning has always been changing (plagiarism, no admin approval, same character, etc.)

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    • Apparently, the person who continues to delete the page has terrible reasoning. He doesn't want there to be a separate page for both Master Hand and Crazy Hand and suggests that the information for CH be moved to the Master Hand page, even though they're separate entities entirely.

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    • A FANDOM user
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