• Hello, Jester, there is a page that has been continuously deleted by a certain administrator for many different reasons and the main reason that I don't know about. The administrator is Magma, so I've come to you asking you if I have permission to recreate it. However, can you make certain that it won't get deleted this time?

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    • I'm not familiar with it but based off the logs Magma either seems to think potentially a merge of the two pages or doesn't see them as different. Considering I don't know the character in question nor can I promise it wouldn't be deleted I can't give a page approval. That said if people decide to merge them then I'll rename it to a name agreed upon.

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    • Well, both Master Hand and Crazy Hand are both separate entities and separate villains in general. I don't mean to be rude, but I see the way Magma wants it is kind of not great, as Master Hand is not Crazy Hand and the information for CH should be on his own page.

      Forgive me for disturbing you, I haven't exactly read the rules for the wiki until now, many apologies, fellow villain.

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