• Hey, mate (or the female equivalent if you're a girl). How are you?

    Nice nickname. Does the Lannister part means you like GOT? Also, while i do agree that the 2018 version of Shere Khan is worse than the 2016 version, i don't recall there was a PE proposal about this guy. But if there is such proposal, i might vote yes. He wasn't an extremist like the 2016 version. Just a pointlessly cruel serial killer.

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    • Yo! Sorry for the late reply by the way. And don't worry, I'm a guy, haha. And I'm good, you?

      Thank you, and yes it does, indeed. I'm a huge fan of the show and books. You? 

      Yeah, I proposed that version of Shere Khan be added to the Pure Evil catergory. As bad as the 2016 version was, he seemed less monstrous. And if he's PE, shouldn't the 2018 version be, too? Also, how do I make a PE proposal about him, if I may ask?

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    • 1. I'm doing ok. Ending my bachelor's degree. Thinking about my future and planning on finish a sci-fi story i'm working on. Do you like sci-fi?

      2. Cool series, albeit not for everyone. I do a rewatch for understanding season 8. I watched season 1-7, got to season 5 in my rewatch, and have a lot to say. Hope you're not one of Daenerys haters. Daenerys haters kinda bugging me.

      3. The 2016 is alreay accepted in this wiki as pure evil due to the novelization, where he killed a jackle after the latter helped him. And if you want to learn more about PE proposals, you can find a link in "Pure Evil" category and check out proposals. I have a successful proposal of my own:

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