• An issue has come up for classification, or rather will soon.

    The Situation:

    City of Heroes is back - kept alive by a team of former players who revitalized the server thanks to some notes passed over by the original dev team and skilled programers among the team. As fans they can not legally charge so it is kept alive on donations.

    The Issue:

    The team has spoken of introduceing new content, some meant to be implemeted by the dev team before NC Soft (Booo), cancled it, but other content even beyond that to expand the lore/content. When that happens, I am not sure if I can treat resulting characterization for the villains as a result of said content as canon when it comes out. NC Soft (Booo) has been so lax with the property they lost exclusivity, but still own it yet will not be doing anything with it, and the "Fan Relaunch" is the only new thing that will ever be done with the content, yet they are not the property holders. I would like to know where we stand on acknowledging any villain characterization as a resault of future content.

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    • If the update is authorized by the copyright holder then it can be treated as official content.

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    • CoX isn't official though, they can never again use it for money - it is thus a fan-project now.. unfortunately.

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    • Darn. And an additional twenty billion curses upon NC Soft (Booo) for their handling of the property, but thanks for clearing up the issue. 

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