• Can Timon count as a villain?

    1. He stole bugs from baby eagle and made mama eagle mad (Crime : Stealing).

    2. He was cruel to Pumbaa Junior and made that little crocodile leave Pumbaa (Crime : Child Cruelty).

    3. He helpt Cusco Quint stole gold from Pumbaa (Crime : Helping someone to steal).

    4. He started an argument with El Toro on Running With Bulls day, and made him mad (Crime : Harrasment).

    5. He wanted to kill Pumbaa on some occasions when Pumbaa ate all bugs (Crime : Trying to kill someone - Attemped Murder).

    6. In Lion King 3, he destroyed tunnels which other meerkats made and he made they gonna mad on him (Crime : Destruction).

    7. He told Pumbaa that he didn't eat Pumbaa's stinkbug friend (when he thunk he ate Pumbaa's friend) and he sent Pumbaa in search for stinkbug, and let Pumbaa in trouble with grizzly bear (Crime : Lying and making troubles).

    8. He is trying to eat Jiminy Cricket in House Of Mouse, even through Mickey's rules are no eating guests (Crimes : Predatory and breaking the rules).

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