• Hi there. There's something I was wondering if you'd be willing to do for me; would you be willing to pass on a message to the troper who goes by the name Scraggle on TV Tropes for me? I used to communicate with him too during my time there, and he gave me some really good pointers on how to improve my writing when doing effort-posts and the like. Therefore, I was wondering what he would think of my proposals here, most notably my recent one on General Lunaris, especially since he's the one who reserved DuckTales 2017 over there and probably did an EP on him too. Therefore, would you be willing to tell him that the troper who went by the name Devoted2Nintendo is on the Villains Wiki under the username ThatScrewyDuck, and that if he's interested, I would appreciate it if he could find my page, look up my proposal of General Lunaris under the Blog tab, and would like his opinion on it? I'd just like to know if he thinks I've improved much since my time there, especially since I felt like he was one of the nicer tropers I communicated with, and because he's such a good writer himself, I would feel great if he thinks I've gotten better, and I value his feedback in general, including any constructive criticism he may still have for me. 

    Of course, if you're worried about passing on a message to anyone there for me due to me being banned, I understand. And if you're willing, but he admits that he's too busy or is worried about getting in trouble himself, I'll understand that too.

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