• No, a proposal does not need to be made for Mola Ram just to feature the PE category on his page. Why? Because any page that has featured the PE category on their page prior to the introduction of the PE Proposal system are NOT automatically cut. The category stays on those pages and you can only remove it from the pages via removal proposals. So please, stop removing the category from his page, unless you genuinely think he doesn't qualify (which, therefore, means you must make a removal proposal).

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    • Hi Valkerone.

      I'm really sorry and I get the point. I believed that with the introduction of the PE Proposals, it would be better to remove from the category all those villains ualified as PE before the Proposals program was created to see if they really qualify or not, as some of them have been retired.

      I get the point and I promise to never repeat the same error.

      Greetings, X9

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    • A FANDOM user
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