• Because I have been waiting for hours, I am desperate for you to help me out. I really, really need your help on these articles right now because no one has edited them. I can't edit them because I can't find an information on them and I need them to be expanded. So, I was hoping that you would like to please edit Gruagach (Hellboy 2019) and Nimue (2019 Film). Because the two articles have stopped in time as no one has worked on them and all information on them may have been outdated, they need proper cleanup, rewriting, infobox updation, personality, trivia, powers and abilities and Gallery. Can you please do this? I can't just leave these articles how they stay like this as they have stopped and may have been outdated. Would you like to start working on both of them please as I and other admins can't do it? I am being serious about this. I really want you to do this please. I have no one else to do it. I've already added images for Gruagach (Hellboy 2019) and Nimue (2019 Film) on Gallery, but they need to have a proper cleanup. Also, you need to rewrite and edit History as it doesn't look right as it is short and add lots of information on them to make it expand enough. The next thing is add Personality to them while edit Powers and Abilities as well as Trivia at the same time. Would you like to do that please?

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