• The youtuber who created  Gina Fox and Kendall (School Tragedy) has 100k subs and youtube videos are allowed to my knowlege

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    • I'll bring this up to the admins to see what they say. For now, have these two official rules for stuff like this:

      No Fanfiction: This wiki is for legitimate villains from every existing media. Fanfiction characters will only be accepted if they're well-known across the Internet (for example: having a confirmed entry on and be an ACTUAL CHARACTER - we will not be accepting "demonized" characters and/or characters which only exist as random image macros around the internet, basically anything that does not have a story/plot attached to it and enough to differ it from other works that it can pass most parody laws (YouTube videos, Fan-games and Creepypasta ARE NOT exempt to these rules, just so you know). If you have questions about a particular character, CONTACT AN ADMINISTRATOR.

      Original Web Content: For the sake of variety we will accept villains from original web content that is NOT OF YOUR OWN CREATION. In order to count, the character in question must have some level of fame/infamy, for example: for YouTube videos/series, a minimum 500k views on average and/or at least 100k subscribers, or multiple references on other sources. Same goes for Webcomics and original Creepypasta characters. Much like with Fanfiction, the character must also have a plot/backstory attached to it.

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    • It does apply as far as I'm concerned, because youtube videos are allowed, the Youtuber has 100k subs, and the videos have over 500k views.

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    • I believe is doesn't myself, as said content wasn't official. Ask a admin what they think, IDK.

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    • A FANDOM user
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