• how many times do I need to warn you to DO THINGS YOURSELF.. you have access to a computer, you can clearly edit wikis and you have time enough to continually make other users do work for you - which is against our rules.

    you can ask for help, that's reasonable - what's NOT reasonable is excessively going onto message-walls and giving big lists of work for other users to do - either you do this yourself or you wait : as stated before this is a RULE.

    we have very clearly stated in our rules for a while now:

    "7. Requesting: It is both annoying and insulting when a user shows up only to say things like "Why nobody made 'X' page yet?" or "Please make a page for 'X'", so please do not go harassing other users asking them to do things for you. If you think there should be a page for a particular character, by all means go ahead and make it yourself. "

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    • I do not insult anyone I would never do something wrong and it will never happen again I understand friend

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    • which is why you went ahead and requested things right after saying you wouldn't? sure, lying to me is really going to help matters - now I don't feel bad about the block you will receieve, next time don't lie to me because as an admin I can see what your edits are, it's really not magic.. it's basic editing.. anyway.. have time to think on it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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