• Are you still online on this wiki?

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    • Hmm. I'll have to check…

      Meanwhile, something I can do for ya?

      Nice Loona avatar

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    • Thanks, your avatar is nice too! ^^

      First I want to apologize for something that happened about three years ago and I don't know if you remember. It was a discussing about if Bellwether is a fallen hero or not. And I was new on this wiki and just didn't understood it. And I saw very old comments of me in the discussing, when I browsed in my wikia files yesterday. I was insulting you and other admins and users and that for no reason. I just don't no what was wrong with me at that time. So I want to say sorry for that.

      And yeah, you could do something for me. Have a small talk or something, if you want. I wrote you because I know you are a admin on this wiki and you have much knowledge. So I did something with other users and mostly Jester of chaos. I asked them if villains from my own stories (I'm a story writer) would count as Pure Evil in their opinion or not. So I would like to do the same with you.

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    • Just if they would qualify *IF* they could be on this wiki? Sure.

      As for the past, hey, no probs. We all "improve" as we get older, aging like fine wines! You be surprised the amount of pushback I get on many things when it's said "X is a jerk, yes, but not evil, not a villain, and Jerks alone do not belong…" Like tweets and tumblers and other types of posts lambasting me… lol.

      So you're fine. Thanks for the apology though! Few do that and it is appreciated.

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    • Yeah, exactly.

      And yeah, I was that kind of person too and I don't know why. I mean you guys literally wrote polite and normal with me and I wrote something like "this wiki is garbage" or "F*ck you". Man I was a stupid *ss.

      I learn from my mistakes. And I love this wiki and the people (most of them) on here.

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    • If you want I can send you the lists of my villains I think are Pure Evil from my stories, right now. I will copy it from my and Jester's discussions.

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    • Do you want it?

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    • sure

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    • So I will start with my sci-fi fantasy story. Because there are (in my view) six seriously heinous villains who could count as Pure Evil. However, this is of all my stories, the most complexe one with a ridiculous high heinous standard. But also, many of them are from spin-off stories which have a different heinous standard and story tone.

      1. A being of pure light who is often called a "demon. He has a black humor and loves to see people suffer. Before 400 years he caused havoc and destruction in the whole universe, commited multiple genocides and destroyed planets, until he was outcasted and imprisoned into an "prison dimension" by the magician mentor master. But after 400 years he was able to escape because of a omnicient being known as the "Mastermind". He wanted to use the demons energy to rule the universe with him. He thought they would be good partners. The demon then goes on a spree killing and kills every magician in the universe except the protagonist and because of that, he has all his powers back. He betrays Mastermind and kills him. When he is fighting the protagonist on another planet, he noticed that he is still too weak and the protagonist could beat him. So he uses his powers to throw an entire planet, with 500+ life forms on it, at the protagonist. The protagonist can save himself but both planets collide and are completely destroyed, with all life on it too. When he gets his full powers back, he turns the earth into a hellish place and causes chaos and changes the physics. So many people are turned into cripple monsters or their spinal columns are gone which causes them to be paralyzed and in horrendous pain and suffering. He noticed that he wants more power and uses the girlfriend of the protagonist as a "living battery". He puts her in a black matter crystal what causes her to feel emense pain and even deforms her a little bit (what is changed when she's rescued). He wanted to rewrite the whole universe but learns that his powers aren't fully complete yet and the protagonist is the only one who knows to speed the process. So he captures him, tortures him with his laser beams and when that did't helped, he blackmailed the protagonist to kill his little niece, what he nearly did.

      2. The grandmother of the protagonist. She was formely on the good side and a magician too, but she retired. When they finally met for the first time, she seems like a lovely and kind woman, but that's just her facade. In truth she is a psychopathic monster. Her grandson and his friends always wondered why she looks still so young even if she is hundreds of years old, but then thought it was because of her immortality. But later it is revealed that she would have died of age (still +100 years more than a normal human) but was feeding on the youth of children, in gruesomely absorbs their energie and flesh. She also killed her own daughter, the mother of the protagonist, so she also has her youth and energy, and it was effective because it was her own flesh and blood. That causes all the mental pain and suffering, he and his father had because of their loss. She connected herself already to a few planets and slowly sucked them dry of all life energy so she could become immortal and never dies. Her endgoal was it, to connect herself to all planets in the universe and dry them out of life energy, what also would cause every species and race, and her own grandson, being extinct.

      3. A very intelligent scientist and maybe one of the most smartest beings in the universe. He started out as a apprentice from a universal famous scientist, who is also one of the main characters of the story. First he was a real hero and helped the humanity with his mechanics and technology. But then he became more and more arrogant and selfish and thought he would be the most important human and that he stays over everyone else. So he hurted and experimented on people, but was stopped and outcasted in another dimension by his mentor. After a few years, he came back stronger. He first injured his mentor heavily and wanted to see him suffer. When his adoptive daughter wanted to help him, the scientist strangled her near to death in front of the mentors eyes. But he was stopped by the protagonist. He then planned to build a bomb who would set free gas on the entire earth, so humanity would go extinct, and he can rule over earth and rebuild everything how he wants it. He enslaved the smartest scientists on the earth and forced them to build this bomb. After they were done, he tested it on them, which causes them to slowly suffocate, while he sadistically grins and his assistent shocked. The assistent then wants to put reason in his head but then he tries to kill her too, what causes her to help the heroes. (Spin-Off that is very similar to the main story and has many of it's characters in it, but the tone is more comedy-like)

      4. An alien who was experimented on and mutated because of the first bigger bad villain of this story, to be his super-soldier. But the alien started his own free will and later betrayed his master. He is the big bad of the story. He build his own army and imperium and wanted to conquer the universe. He first started to destroy an entire planet and the civilazation on it because they were a superior species in the universe, what was also the home planet of one of the protagonists. He wanted to become more powerful and reach his "ultimate form" and also wanted to create a army of super-soldiers. So he experimented on his own people and many different other species and races, including children and infants. Many of the experiments failed what causes the subjects to often die a horrible death. When he knew how to become more and powerful, he stabbed people with his sting and slowly sucked out their whole blood, until they become hollow corpses. After the protagonists failed to protect an innocent and loveable teenager from him, he also got sucked out and killed by him, and screamed while he does that. After the alien reached his full form, he fights the protagonist and breaks his back and leaves him to die. But he was rescued, but still feeled imense pain and suffering. (Spin-Off with different tone)

      5. An silver energy being and the second bigger bad/main villain of the story. He is the most strongest and powerful being in the entire multiverse. He is even so powerful that he needs clothing and gaunlets to hold his powers a little back or he would die too because of the pressure of his powers. He is kinda a more flat and simple character. He was created by "god" to be a guardian of the multiverse but he refused and didn't saw the sense in the existence "god" created. So he went on a killing spree across the universe that had a great impact. He destroyed over three million different universes, dimensions and parallel worlds. When he wants to destroy the "main universe", the hero team tries to stop him but have no chance and nearly died because of that. They only succeed in stealing his gaunlets so he can't use his full powers. But still, he is able to destroy half of the universe including earth. The heroes are able to escape but most of earth's population and also from half of the universe are erased. In the second fight, he kills many of the main characters and tries to get his gaunlets back and if he would he would destroy everything in the existence.

      6. A very aggressive and sadistic crime lord. He was known for starting an massacre in an entire police station what killed many police officers. Also killed an police dog in a brutal way. In his childhood, he worked an special poison, he could produce because of his abbilities. He tested the poison on his own mother. That causes to activate all the pain reflectors in her body and causes her to feel the worst pain you could imagine. Later her skin melted and she died a horrendous and most disturbing death. In his adulthood, he worked again on his poison, to made it into a poison gas. He detonates a poison gas bomb in a little town as a test. That causes that all the people living there, dying even a more horrendous and painful death than his mother. (Spin-Off with different tone, more darker and bloody)

      General Standard of this story: So they are many villains in this story and it was hard to pick these six out of them. I now explain you a little bit about the other villains, so you have a rough picture of the heinous standard of this story. The three main villains that appeared first in the story in the first part were a fallen and mutated magician, a cosmic entity and the right-hand of the magician. The mutated magician saw the dark magic of the cosmic entity what causes him to mutate and turns to the dark side. He tried to become immortal and worked for the cosmic entity. The cosmic entity is a being that must feast on planets so it can survive. And the right-hand is an follower of the magician who wants to help him in his goals, the only thing he did, was killing the magicians former mentor. Then the first bigger bad/main villain who had a tragic backstory because his home planet was wiped out in a war. That was his motivation to kill all life in the universe to end the war and suffering and bring "peace". He wanted to be the ruler of a new universe, that is "cleaned" from war and destruction and to build a new population under his control. He actually succeeded in it first, but it was changed by the two only surviving heroes via time travel. There are also two warlords. One that is more comedic and wants to take over an planet and one that is more brutal and kills his victims in brutal ways but not that brutal compared to the crime lord, also he has a code of honor in not killing completely innocents and especially children. Then there is a more Grey Zone villain who redeems himself in the end and joins the heroes. He was the biological son of the scientist mentor but was thought dead because of an failed experiment. He got telekinectic abilities (like Magneto) and wanted to kill humanity for how evil they can be and he thought his father was evil and cruel because of the experiment that failed. Then there is again a warlord who wants to take over an planet, nothing more for him until know. A serial killer who has a higher body count and kills with razor blade weapons. Mastermind, an being who wants to take over the universe to have the full controll over it. And at least, the assistent of the scientist who was just there to support his plans but later redeemed herself.

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