• Here's what Valkerone has told me & others on edit summaries as well as on some message walls including his own:

    Valkerone wrote @ 15:00, September 8, 2019 A.D.:
    If all of the aforementioned goals from above the last "succeeded" section are successful, then there's no need to list all of them as successful.
    Valkerone wrote @ 09:19, September 18, 2019 A.D.:
    And there's no point in keeping it this way if he fails both goals anyway.
    Valkerone wrote @ 15:09, September 21, 2019 A.D.:
    There's no need for each goal in a list of goals to be packed with failed/succeeded bracketing when you can condense it like this whenever possible.
    Valkerone wrote @ 09:57, September 24, 2019 A.D.:
    Not every goal needs failed/succeeded bracketing tagged to each and every goal on the list. Condense it.
    Valkerone wrote @ 02:25, on October 4, 2019 A.D.:
    There's no rule saying it isn't allowed, but specific restrictions should apply (e.g. if all of a villain's goals are successful, "all succeeded" will do. It's spammy to list each goal as succeeded one after the other).
    Valkerone wrote @ 05:21, December 9, 2019:
    All this does is clog up the goals section. Condense this usage of failed/succeeded bracketing or don't bother using them at all.

    That is all.

    & please write different message thread titles. No more "Message from DavidBrennan99". Thank you.

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    • Does any of these mean I said "remove them completely"? No.

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    • I honestly don't know anything about it anymore. I don't. But I never made some argument about it, no matter how much it frustates or tries to frustates me. It's pointless. I just moved on. That is all.

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    • But that makes no sense.

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    • What you guys do with the goal listing, that's up to you.

      I'm just a cleanup guy (grammar, numbers, listing, whatever & whenever you folks need, I can do it.).

      I'm sorry. I have to go. My ride to work is almost here in less than half an hour.

      Stay safe & warm, gentlemen. & happy holidays.

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    • Well, don't clean up anything again please. the goal things are staying. Ignore that Valkmore guy.

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    • David, please don't say that. Thta's like asking for trouble. He is one of the best editors & trusted admins here. Just trust him on that & listen to him.

      Now if you please excuse me., I must leave. 

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    • Sorry. Talk later.

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    • I forgive you.

      Stay safe & warm.

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    • A FANDOM user
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