• Mengsk is one of those villains that are so obviously pure evil than not anybody would propose them, so thank you :-). Honestly, I had moments I wanted to propose him myself, but you took the initiative, and again, thanks :-).

    Are you also familiar enough with "StarCraft" to help me with some other topics?

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    • Like what?

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    • 1. I know Protos were meant to be telepathic, but their lack of face is a big obstacle in communication. No wonder they got caught in civil war. With all due respect to them being a race of pure intellect, telepathy is hardly enough to sustain society for too long. What are the odds that someday their leader will try to develop a face, and therefore be less depend on telepathy?

      2. Was Abathur loyal to Kerrigan, or just had his own vision and doubted her?

      3. I'm thinking of proposing Amon someday. I know he had far more resources than Mengsk, but creating a race of pure evolutional swarming just to get back at his former creations who didn't follow his orders to the letter is pretty horrible, regardless to resources and agenda.

      4. Happen to play "Heroes Of The Storm"? So Arthanis and Tassadar were great gameplay-wise. I didn't like Abathur, not as a character and not gameplay-wise.

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    • 1. Well, the Khala allowed them to feel the emotions of their fellow Protoss. Now with the Khala gone, the Protoss will go out of their way to tell others how they feel.

      2. He had his own vision, but he followed her because of the strains she gave him.

      3. Go for it.

      4. I can't help you there, as I don't play Heroes of the Storm.

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    • 1. You're saying that without the emotions generator, they'll do an extra effort to show and understand emotion? That's smart of them :-). Not saying there's any justification to "StarCraft 3", but a protos with a normal emotional structure and a face could be an interesting protagonist.

      2. Remind me please what the strains are.

      3. Thanks for your support. Now I know I have a case. Also, I stopped to play HOTS because I don't have time like I used to, but it was cool. Raynor was great as always. Nova is an interesting character, but I didn't like her gameplay, and neither does Zerathul.

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    • Strains from animal species which he used to improve the zerg.

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    • Lord Cotys' PE proposal is out:

      Cotys is very similar to Mengsk.

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