• It's me. Bobg from TV Tropes. Remember me? I don't know if you know this but I got banned a while ago. I can't believe that they would do that after everything I had done for six years. Ungrateful swine. I'm currently looking for other current and former tropers who are on this wiki so I can have more people to talk to that I am familiar with. It's good to talk to people you know. I guess we are in the same boat since we are not on that site anymore (though you quit while I was banned). I am hoping to be able to contribute to this wiki with the PE discussions. If anyone on here takes notice of anyone I manage to get approved, hopefully they can nominate them on TV Tropes themselves one day. I still plan to get back on there one day so I can edit there again and continue to participate. I'm stuck until I can either find a new access point in a different location, or appeal to them after six months have passed in hope they will reconsider. My main two goals right now are to get enough edits to participate in PE discussions and find someone on here who is willing to go on TV Tropes and add the remaining 25 characters I got approved on that site to my sandbox so my record is fully preserved and my accomplishments are fully remembered. I sent AustinDR a list of the final ones I got approved (looked through all the CM pages on the site to make sure I got them all), but he hasn't responded. I also included the list in my user profile. I know you are done with the site, so you won't be doing it, but I was wondering if you knew any other users on here who have now or ever been on TV Tropes. Hopefully someone will do this and fully preserve my record. On a sidenote, I'm hoping to be able to get Sonic.EXE re-approved on here after I make 501 edits and am able to make PE proposals. Anyway, I was just hoping that we could keep in contact on here so I could have someone from that site to talk to.

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    • Hello and good luck with it.

      Yes, I quit from the site and got my account suspended as a result. Though on a bright note, I did propose several candidates including the ones that you propose from TV Tropes like Ellen or Mr Widemouth

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    • I saw your proposal of Mr. Widemouth, which is actually how I found you. Anyway, I'm now at 129 contributions. It shouldn't be that long before I can contribute to PE discussions, though it will take longer to be able to propose my own. I hope I can talk to you more often on here. If you learn of any other current or former tropers on this wiki, please let me know. Hopefully I can find someone who will be willing to finish my monster sandbox on there. I messaged AustinDR on here about it days ago but he ignored it. Since this is a new year, I have plans for it, including getting Sonic.exe re-proposed, getting all the characters I proposed who were approved on TV Tropes added to my sandbox there, and getting back on TV Tropes.

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    • Sure, why not?

      And btw...Yeah, the wiki did have a bit of different standard. I admit that I kind of disagree Joker from The Nail (One of the candidates that I voted down on TV Tropes...Because I admit that I kind of having a fatigue with PE versions of Joker before and still have.) though if he qualifies in here, then okay.

      Anyways, mind if I propose the candidates you have proposed via TV Tropes? Thinking about Princess Ezel from Kaima (Know the game from ManlyBadassHero), probably the guy from Madan no Ou to Vanadis if I can read faster, Tears to Tiara guy and so on..

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    • A FANDOM user
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