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    not giving a chance to argue, this is the fact: don't add 40 to elderly again or be blocked.
    08:14, January 7, 2020

    elderly equals 65 years PLUS - not 40.. if you think 40 is elderly you need to look up the term online.. elderly hasn't been 40 for a few decades now.. these days 65 plus is the age needed to be elderly.

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    • I'd said LATE 40s and have you heard of bad aging? In the case someone ages badly they can be old at age 42 at least not HAVE to be 65+.

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    • do you want blocked? again, look up old age - you don't dictate the facts.. especially when they are wrong.. you are NOT going to be changing things based on your own opinions, ever heard of backing down? do so, because again, you are wrong.. they HAVE to be 65 plus.. if you add 40 again or argue further on this you'll be blocked.

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