• Can villains who attempted to commit genocide be qualified xenophobes?

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    • No, they'd go under Genocidal for that reason.

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    • xenophobe = a racist who has contempt for others but doesn't quite go murderous.. either out of morality or practical reasoning (for example someone may deeply distrust a minority and want unfair laws placed on them but not want them dead, as that would be "wrong": likewise a slaver won't want to kill minorities en mass as to them minorities are a type of currency).

      genocidal = when one goes so far that one just wants to wipe out a minority or subgroup, it is perfectly possible for xenophobes to consider genocidal characters "evil" (for going too far) and likewise genocidal characters may see xenophobes as being "traitors" or "weak" for not being willing to kill for their beliefs.

      thus genocidal is considered much worse, especially as it involves killing women, children and even unborn infants - which is another reason even some harderned racists find genocidal characters to be horrible (though it is a bit hypocritical but that's racism for you).

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