• Hey, because Dick Dastardly has been done, how about other characters from Scoob!? They include:

    • Muttley (Scoob!)
    • Cerberus (Scoob!)
    • Rotten Robots
    • Dusty

    And then on Heroes Wiki:

    • Scooby-Doo (Scoob!)
    • Shaggy Rogers (Scoob!)
    • Fred Jones (Scoob!)
    • Daphne Blake (Scoob!)
    • Velma Dinkley (Scoob!)
    • Blue Falcon (Scoob!)
    • Dynomutt (Scoob!)
    • Captain Caveman (Scoob!)
    • Dee Dee Skyes (Scoob!)

    Do you agree with that with more characters on both Villains and Heroes Wiki?

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