• I don't think it was actually officially confirmed that Tooru is indeed the Stand User of Satoru. Why did ya add it now? Rather quick on the draw there.

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    • Oops... Apologies. My bad. I thought it was kind of obvious judging from JJL's latest chapters that strongly implies Tooru's mental connection with Satoru (similar to Diablo and Doppio's connection, albeit not sharing the same body as of yet), and Jojo WIki had also labeled Tooru's stand is an unnamed humanoid Stand in the form of┬áSatoru...

      But if that's not officially comfirmed yet, I'll undo it ASAP and keep it that way until official confirming. I'm sorry that I added it with a rush since that implication had strongly surprised me. Sorry for my rash decisions.

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    • It's fine, I agree on it being all but confirmed at this rate. Just was confused by this being done now.

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