• Since you're on the Pure Evil proposal for Hitman, here's some people I think deserve that title.

    Mr Giggles: A circus owner who runs gladiator fights and animal mutilation purely for the sake of depravity. He tortures and murders animals and is strongly implied to do the same with people.

    Etta Davis: She is a nurse that's killed well over fifty people for the fun of it. She has no remorse for her actions and just wishes to cause as many deaths as possible.

    Alvaro D'Alvade: One of the only targets in the series who directly abuses children, D'Alvade runs a child trafficking ring which he uses frequently. Unlike Richard Delehunt, who genuinely seems to love him, there is no evidence that D'Alvade feels the same way and it is likely he's using Delehunt to fulfil his own means, as Delehunt is a US ambassador to the vatican.

    Malcolm Sturrock: He kidnapped, raped, mutilated, and murdered a young girl and possibly has done that with many others. Even if he isn't a main target, he's certainly one of the most evil of the characters.

    Edward Wade: Duh.

    Sorry for making requests, but I'm rather new to this site and I appreciate your help with the formatting you've done on the pages I've created.

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    • Hmm... That's okay. I'll keep them on my list. I don't know if my next proposal about a villain would come from Hitman franchise since I do proposals about other stories as well, irregularly, but Wade and D'Alvade would highly possible to be the next ones on my list.

      As for the rest of them, I'll check on them further, but it's obvious for me that they're all FAR above the standard villainy of the Hitman series so I think there's potential for them. Anyway, I'll make these proposals about as long as I really see them fit and I'm ready to write proper proposals.

      My pleasure. Always glad to help.

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    • Don't make requests like this again. Just because you aren't whitelisted doesn't mean you get to proxy-propose villains.

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    • A FANDOM user
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