• Inferno Pendragon
    Inferno Pendragon closed this thread because:
    04:26, June 29, 2020

    until Magma or another admin states otherwise I see the Smashbits animation parodies as fair game, since we have Racist Mario and similar, the Smashbit stuff has many views and they have over a million subs - which allows them to be classed under our youtube content.. just thought I'd clarify this as a few users seem to be marking them as fan-fics.. they should pass our content rules.

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    • AustinDR recently marked the one for The Neighbor for deletion, and I did so myself to Jesse for it to be reviewed under hthe former pretense for possible fanfiction. Talk to him about it.

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    • as if talking to Austin ever fixes anything, no point speaking to something that only listens to itself.

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