• Hello there! There's a current situation and likely rule revision the admins need to discuss. You see, Austin recently marked the two pages Blankvillager made for SmashBits' villains for deletion under pretense of fanfiction. Following myself notifying Inferno of this (Who was the original one who allowed the pages under an admin interviened), he seems to be going under the belief of we must get rid of all fanfiction related articles (That said, one of them Queen Misery said doesn't apply to the situation at hand.). On Queen, she believes the rules on fanfiction/what's not fanfiction, web content, and explotation/troll due to Racist Mario possibly falling under this. You and the other admins should probably talk about this, and see what has enough of an effect/is worthy enough to stay and what shouldn't stay.

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    • oh sure, once again it's me that destroying the wiki isn't it? fine, keep the troll stuff you guys said in the rules you wanted off the site, delete stuff randomly in a pick-n-choose fashion.. perfectly valid.. I seem to remember people telling me that doing what one wanted regardless of rules was what made me a "hypocritical, horrible human being with a self-entitled ego" but okay.. fine.

      again, do what you want.. seems to be how it works now.

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