• Please read the message on the talk page for the Sauron article. You may be an admin, founder, bureacrat or whatever position you hold, but still, this is a community, even if on Fandom. A community works together and settles matters. I am sure you have much experience here and are a hardworking contributor on Fandom, but please pay attention to other people's points as well. You are not the only one on this wiki if that wasn't clear enough.

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    • "Comparing villains to characters from completely different works is a matter of opinion". Please give a good answer on why Sauron is not in the Satan category as well. Morgoth was indeed a Satanic figure: he began the discord in the Great Music and marred Arda. He was the primordial evil and the first Dark Lord. Sauron succeeded him eventually. If you truly care for this place feel free to add on Sauron's talk page your reason for opposition. If at least someone else agrees with you then your point is valid. 

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