• I made some minor adjustments to the Eremiya page(brainwashed can't be a mastermind).

    Do you plan to do Legion/Roro and Clarissa pages as well? Also should Legion/Roro count as tragic, the same doesn't treat him as sympathetic unlike the other assassins, but he was kidnapped and raised as a pawn.

    Also funfact Eremiya being brainwashed was widely hated by fans, a popular FE LPer, who was beforehan defending the remake exclusive plotline, even said the reveal ruined the whole sideplot for him. Basically she was written as a pure evil character who did horrible, horrible things no other villain did, but then literally on the game's second last level, its revealed with zero foreshadowing she was under mind control the whole time.

    Don't you hate it when that happens? I'm not one to treat Pure Evil as a badge of honor, but simply saying a character was brainwashed for their entire time on screen out of the blue is poor writing.

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    • I see. Thanks for the adjustment, and I will add Legion and Clarissa all in good time.

      I was actually unaware the backlash against the revelation that Eremiya was brainwashed by Gharnef to be a villain, but I share your opinion about this twist. Surely, after showing a load of time of how ruthless and heartless Eremiya was, I guess it'll be better to at least give some foreshadowing of Gharnef's influence upon her villainy (rather than simple brainwash, but more corrupting influence), or show her as a non-brainwashed, flat-out minion for Gharnef with her free will, or at least as someone non-brainwashed and completely unrelated to Gharnef's scheme at all, would be much better executed than just saying she was a nice person before, just brainwashed.

      Sure thing, I guess you've got a point there. Such "redeeming quality" out of nowhere will ruin an originally well-written and unique villain like Eremiya (no matter if they're qualified as PE or not), and I've seen something even worse to let some formerly irredeemable villains an abrupt and absurd reason to redeem themselves, to the point of even letting them to escape comeuppance because of that (e.g. Shadow King from Legion TV series).

      In addition, this reminds me of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, of Edelgard's polarizing reception as a character (whilst she is not a PE and being indeed a tragic character from the beginning). I personally considered Edelgard in Crimson Flower route, except her heartwarming support with some characters like Lystheia which are well-written, gives me the same abrupt feeling in the main story, due to the route's narrative made her an anti-hero whilst keeping her war crimes justified (she is loosely modeled after Rudolf after all). Despite her lamenting her loss, she never really change or reevaluate her motives and hypocritically blamed Rhea/Seiros for Volkhard's crimes and saying the Church had been killing innocent people, unlike Dimitri in Azure Moon who eventually realized what kind of monster he nearly became and decided to change in and out.

      In fact, I find Edelgard in Azure Moon chapters being better written (or more precisely, the best-written and most fleshed-out version of her character) due to being its anti-villainous main antagonist until the end, and she's implied to have a genuiue change of heart when she allowed Dimitri to kill her instead of spare her.

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    • Sure, do you want any help with them?

      Here's one popular LPer demoaning the twist, Eremiya's brainwashing doesn't even match up with the other brainwashed person in the game(Hardin) and her going from loving children to enjoying their suffering really makes no sense. Its like they threw it in last minute for cheap and unearned angst.

      I haven't seen Shadow King, but I'll check it out.

      Agreed on Edelgard. 

      BTW do you plan to write a (Mystery of the Emblem)Hardin article too?

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    • Sure thing, anytime. As long as I have prepared enough, I'll write pages for Legion, Carissa and Hardin, too. Hmm, in a way, Hardin is much better written than Eremiya as a truly sympathetic and tragic fallen hero with a much more reasonable explanation of his fall from grace and brainwash.

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