• Can you please remove the broken links on the Professor Clay page? Both Valkerone and Looper are being really hostile about it. They both for reasons they won't tell me, want to keep the broken links on the page even though they are ugly. and unnecessary. Looper even locked the page. 

    What are your opinion broken links since both Looper and Valkerone are both pro-broken links. 

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    • You have no room to judge others as hostile when you yourself are behaving like a belligerent pseudomoderator. Tone it down.

      Also, I did give a reason why keeping broken links doesn't hurt an article. Not only is "they make pages look ugly" a disproportionate reason (they take up only 1% of an article), they can be utilized for pages on characters whose pages have been deleted or need to be written.

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    • Sorry. I got carried away. I never thought broken links were good. The bright red was always ugly to me. I didn't know you could link to other websites. I will tone down my behavior sir. I don't want what happened to my friend to happen to me. 

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