Alright, I have just about no clue what you're doing here, but I'll leave a message so I can make my intentions clear.

I've been retired for two and a half months now, so I don't know why you're trying to message me. Secondly, the issue you're pointing out happened months ago. I don't even know if Misry is still even active on this wiki anymore. As for "bullying" him, Misry was a user prone to breaking rules and getting extremely snippy with the admins - myself included.

Thirdly, and most importantly? None of this is your business. Whether it be "giving [Jester] the right to ban" me or accusing me of trying to "brainwash" the wiki, you're either a very poor troll or way over your head and your accusatory comments have breached into the point of beyond unacceptable. 

My regards. Don't come here again.

Thank you.

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