How did you know? Did Adish tell you?

And another thing, I asked you to please stop sending me links to episodes but you did it. I don't need help finding videos and some sites could my computer a virus.

Also, the Loud House is just a cartoon. Impossible and nonsensical stuff happen in cartoons all the time. So what if the Loud House is like that, it is only a cartoon, not real life. But I do agree that the show went pretty low with the No Such Luck episode. But that was just one episode.

I don't like when you change the subject of what I say. It seems like you don't want to talk about my things. I'm sharing my creative ideas but you'd rather talk about negative things about shows. My characters don't interest you? But talking about Lincoln joining terrorists does? Dude, I'm not on wiki, to talk bad about TLH or any cartoon I like. I grew up watching these cartoons.

The Simpsons and Family Guy are indeed adult cartoons with lots of inappropriate and nonsensical humor. But I like that stuff. A lot of people do.

The point about most cartoons is they're supposed to be nonsensical and unrealistic. That's what makes them funny and interesting to most people. If you don't like how they are, then why watch them at all?

You saying my characters (not including Leopold) don't interest you. I take that as an insult. Well, there are lots of stuff you talk about that don't interest me at all, including the negative remarks you make about the parents, Lynn Jr., Leni, Lana and Lisa and Lincoln joining a terrorist organization (that is messed up man). If I said I do, I was just being polite; I didn't want to sound rude. Also it's unfair, why should you get to talk about your stuff and I can't? That's why I haven't responded to you much. Because you basically ignored my messages.

It would be a shame, you're right. But I don't like all this negative talk and pointing out realism. We do agree on one thing, we both think it would be nice for there to be a new baby in the family. We may have several differences, but we're going to have to try and get around them.

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