I grew up listening to this type of music. My dad used to play this stuff when I went out with him and I got hooked on it. I've developed my dad's taste in music.

I almost made Trey bald with a goatee but then I thought it would be better if Tye was the only bald guy in the gang. I was thinking about putting Trey on steroids but now I think he shouldn't. All I know about steroids is that they make you unnaturally strong and they cause health problems. Yeah that was hilarious, he scared that little girl right out of the room with that dummy.

Yeah, I remember watching these Mr. Bixby shorts when I was young. They're just so funny. There are more where he substituted as a bus driver, shop teacher, exterminator & football referee. What I wonder is how long ago did Mr. Bixby hit that policeman with his van? 'Cause when he came into the room with his son, he was fine.

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