Yeah, he's a greedy swindling opportunist. I would laugh my head off seeing him hurt himself on the trampoline. They did put Clyde being like Milhouse in Clyde's trivia section but I can always tell; he's nerdy, has weak organisms like Milhouse and has an obsessive crush on his best friend's sister. Lisa in Milhouse's case and Lori in Clyde's.

I was thinking of Lynn Sr. getting hurt like Otto but then again, Luna would be a better idea at this and she could ask Lincoln to pop her shoulder back in. Maybe Lynn Sr. could get hurt by accidentally jumping off the trampoline and hurt his back.

I just thought of something funnier: If Luan got hurt on the trampoline and then Leni accidentally jumps off, she lands on already hurt Luan and then says "Thanks for cushioning my fall, Luan." and Luan just simply moans in pain.

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