Axel isn't really traumatized from killing his grandfather, but he was not intending to do so. He just wanted to really hurt him, just like he did to him as a child. Only Axel hurts him even worse. I imagine his grandfather even tries to pull a shotgun on his grandson but Axel of course knocks it away and then breaks his arm. His grandfather tries pleading with him, but he suffers a heart attack and dies. Axel was a bit shocked at first but then again, he didn't care because this man tormented him as a child. Axel then takes his grandfather's sunglasses and burns down the house and everything in it, including his grandfather's lifeless body. Axel's grandfather's house of course was in the middle of the woods and therefore had no neighbors so nobody ever missed him.

Indeed but Cheng doesn't care, his father always called him a failure and he couldn't take it. Yeah, I couldn't imagine his hair in ponytail so yeah, it was dropped. Robin Shou, his inspiration, never really held his hair in a ponytail.

I will draw Cheng and his gang members sometime but it is hard. I look for an inspiration model and then trace over. I'm not really good at making different body builds. Muscles are very difficult to draw. I'm only good at making characters cartoonish and not realistic, which isn't bad but I want Axel and his gang to have more realistic designs. I wish I knew an expert artist who could teach me.

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