You got that right. The one in my story, whom the villain i named Koba actually just from my imagination, but he still a dangerous villain on his own right, and perhaps there are some villain that similar with him would appear in a fiction someday.

Back to our discussion, Tighten was good example of whom i wanted to know as those who similar with Stefan in term of their nature.

You were right about Tighten because Tighten was once once befriends with Roxxane like Stefan did with Maleficent. Tighten betray Roxxane for selfish reason like Stefan did, though both how he betray Roxxane was quite different with Stefan as in Stefan's case, Stefan initially did it reluctantly. He also tried to kill Roxxane as well like what Stefan did to Maleficent at their final battle.

Halloween, on the other hand, albeit same, he is more sadistic than Stefan nor Tighten.

Good job to find that one. If you find more known villains that similar with King Stefan aside Tighten that you found, just let me know. Aside Halloween, i also found other one who similar with Stefan: Prince Hans from Frozen or Wizard of Oz in Wicked. Let me know if you found others aside those three(Tighten, Wizard of Oz, Halloween, and Prince Hans).

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