Wait don't. don't leave just because i made you angry.

Go ahead and delete that stuff on the Spike Page on Heroes Wiki. if it'll make you happy. 

Look, i really am sorry about all that stuff i said on Heroes Wiki. removed the thread, didn't you?, look. i told you that they are the same character (well technically G1 and FIM spike are) but still, i didn't mean for you to leave Heroes Wiki just because i made you do all that stuff.

you were right, i was an idiot. (like i always am.) but i gone too far with what i did and made you leave, which is a mistake Kitsune. please go back to the Heroes Wiki. (and please let your friend unblock me from the site) this is the last reply you'll hear from me closed the thread again didn't you? ....This is the last reply you'll hear from me because i wanted to tell you a million times that i am sorry for what i did, and hoping that you would understand and forgive me. but i am not letting you leave that site just because of that. please don't go. 

and you don't need to close the thread. I'll close it for you when you make your next reply. if you'll let me that it. please..go ahead and delete that stuff on the spike page that you needed to delete, and please do not leave, and please unblock me from Heroes Wikia. please do that. 

i'm sorry Kitsunes

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