The Three Beasts (三獣士, Sanjūshi, lit. "Three Beast Warriors") was a group of three powerful warriors and are antagonists in the dark fantasy anime/manga series Akame Ga Kill!. They were a small team who served General Esdeath on behalf of The Empire.


The Three Beasts were formed at an unknown point in time where General Esdeath had many people train to be part of her army. The training was intense and many people had died during it but there were those who had managed to make it through to the end. Former General Liver was drafted into the Three Beasts by Esdeath and he became her loyal servant and soon fought alongside Daidara and Nyau. Sometime prior to the series. the Three Beasts were deployed to the Northern Tribes to deal with a rebellion where Esdeath had frozen the lake and the beasts are shown gunning down, butchering, and slaughtering all of the tribesman and they help the Imperial Arym crush and destroy the rebellion in the north. At some point in time as well, the Three Beasts had destroyed the outskirts division of Night Raid leaving Chelsea as the sole survivor. Present day, and the Three Beasts are soon ordered by the Imperial Prime Minister Honest to kill his political rivals, while also putting the blame on Night Raid to incriminate them.

Eventually the Three Beasts are sent aboard a cruise ship where they are to kill another one of Honest's political opponents where Nyau uses his Scream Teigu to knock out everyone except for Bulat and Tatsumi who are still awake. Tatsumi then heads outside where he is confronted by Daidara who begins to fight him until Bulat interrupts and takes on all three of them only to knock two of them back and cuts Daidara in half. Bulat then faces off against Liver and he gets into a long fight which results in him winning but Liver ends up poisoning his blood which ends up in Bulat's body and he ends up dying moments after Liver died as well. Tatsumi then uses Incursio and he faces off against Nyau where he ends up killing him as well affectivly terminating the group. Following the group's dissolution, Esdeath gathers six Imperial Soldiers and has them sent to the capitol to create a replacement unit known as the Jaegers.

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