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Three Finger Odet, better known as simply Three Finger, is the main antagonist in Wrong Turn film series and is a member of the Odet Family. He is the younger brother of Saw Tooth and One Eye.


  • He was portrayed by Julian Richings in the first film
  • Jeff Scrutton in the second film
  • Borislav Iliev in the third film and the fifth film
  • Sean Skene and Blane Cypurda in the fourth film
  • Radoslav Parvanov in the sixth film.


Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

In 1974, Three Finger and his two brothers are found eating a couple only known as the Hilikers (no relation to Sally and Jackson Hilliker) and are assumed to be their children. The Odet brothers are brought into the Glenville Sanatorium in West Virginia where they escape and cause a riot with the other mental patients. For the next 29 years, they survive their isolation by eating all 179 other fellow insane inhabitants.

In 2003, nine college students try and head to their friend Porter's cabin for the winter, but get lost in a snowstorm and decide to stay the night in the now abandoned asylum, not knowing Porter is dead and unaware of the current maniacs that still live there.

Three Finger and his brothers eventually reveal themselves to the group of friends when they when they find Porter's severed head in his shirt and then hang Claire with a barbed wire noose in front of them until she's decapitated. They try and escape the asylum, but remember the snow storm would make it nearly impossible. Lauren however volunteers to make an attempt to get help anyway with her skis since she's the best at using them, but fails and freezes to death off-screen.

Daniel soon enough gets kidnapped by the Odet brothers and he's taken to their kitchen, where they cook and eat him alive in an attempt to draw his friends to them, but they fail to save him. The group however does manage to scare the trio into a cage and lock them inside. When Kyle is just about to light the cannibals on fire, Kenia begs him not to since "they're better than they are", to which Kyle reluctantly agrees and stays to guard them while the others think of a plan upstairs.

Kyle falls asleep however and the brothers escape, put a bag over his head, cut off his tongue, and send him after the remaining women of the group who stab him to death thinking he's one of them until they remove his "mask". Three Finger and his brothers then chase the girls out a window outside, but not before Jenna gets impaled with a ground driller by Saw Tooth. Kenia, Laura, and Bridget try and escape with the snowmobiles, but the brothers have stolen them. In the storm, Bridget gets separated from the others and One Eye gores her underneath the tracks of his stolen snowmobile.

After Kenia and Laura knock One Eye off his snow mobile and take it back, they drive off believing they survived until Kenia accidentally drives into a barbed wire fence and the both of them are decapitated. Three Finger packs their bodies into his truck and drives back to the Asylum.

Between 4 and 5

At some unknown point in time, Maynard Odet heard about the Odet brother's actions and decided to go and finally meet them, as well as take them with him on his travels around West Virginia.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

After Maynard is arrested and taken to a holding cell for assault with a deadly weapon after causing a group of friends to crash their car, Three Finger and his brothers arrive and kill Deputy Biggs by shooting him in both his legs with arrows and then stabbed in the top of the head while Saw Tooth and One Eye hold him still.

While Maynard waits patiently in his jail cell, Three Finger uses his truck to pull down a telephone pole to cut out all the service. Three Finger and his brothers then cut out the power to the entire town when they capture a security guard working at the power plant and electrocute him to death on the power lines.

When one of the teens, Cruz, leaves her hotel room to see what's going on, Three Finger chases her down and disembowels her, then cruelly tries forcing her to eat her own intestines.

Later, Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye kidnap Gus, break his legs with sledgehammers, and then leave him on the street to scream for help to bait out the others. When Sheriff Angela tries saving him, Three Finger runs him over and kills him.

When Julian and Billy go out to search for Cruz, not knowing she's already dead, they both get captured by the Odet brothers. They both wake up in a soccer field with Billy buried up to his neck and Julian chained to the ground. Three Finger runs the both of them over with a snow blower, all while laughing maniacally. When Sheriff Angela sends a man named Mose to try and find them, he gets captured as well and is put inside a makeshift brazen bull to burn to death.

Three Finger then sets a trap for Sheriff Angela by kidnapping her husband, Deputy Jason, and putting him in his truck to look abandoned with tape over his mouth. When Sheriff Angela opens the door, a sickle disembowels him. Three Finger then reveals himself to Sheriff Angela and the two start fighting. When she shoots him in the leg, he's only annoyed thanks to his Congenital Analgesia and he kicks her in the face to knock her out.

As Maynard and his grandchildren finally leave town, they pick up a blinded Lita, and kidnap her to rape, torture, and eventually kill her.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

When Three Finger spots a couple, Daria and Nick, having sex in a watering hole, he spies on them until they get on their bikes and ride off. When Three Finger shoots Nick in the back of the head with an arrow, Daria continues riding away in fear until she clotheslines herself by the eyes on a line of barbed wire. Saw Tooth and One Eye then appear by her sides and hold her arms still while Three Finger cuts her head off.

Later on, at the Hobb Springs Resort, one of the Odet brothers throws an axe at an elderly woman staying at the resort and pins her to the wall. Jackson Hilliker tells the brothers to remain calm and not go around killing guests yet, then snaps the woman's neck.

When Jackson takes Danny out on a hunting trip for deer, Three Finger at the same time is hunting Sheriff Doucette who was investigating the disappearance of the old lady from earlier. As Danny kills the deer, Three Finger shoots the sheriff in the head with one of his arrows.

When Toni and Vic leave the resort to try and find Danny, Vic spots Three Finger eating the deer Danny killed and runs away until he bumps into Danny and falls into a barbed wire trap.

Three Finger and his brothers are seen again when Bryan and Jillian sneak into the basement looking for things to steal from Danny, but then decide to have sex on an old birthing table until Three Finger hits Bryan over the head with a statue. Saw Tooth and Three Finger grab Jillian's legs and move them up and over her head, until they both snap off completely. Sally Hilliker takes Bryan away to try and have sex with him while he's lobotomized, but Jackson reminds her they have to keep their bloodline "pure" so she instead smothers him until he suffocates with a pillow she sits on while she masturbates.

Jackson takes Danny into the woods to meet his inbred family and tells him the Odets and the Hillikers are closely connected families who both believe in order to keep their families alive and pure, they must engage in incest, which Danny does with his cousin Sally while he's drugged. Vic is spotted by Three Finger spying on them and he's captured, tied up, and gutted for the Hilliker family to eat.

The next morning, Toni, Charlie and Rod find Danny at the front door drunk. He tells them to leave while they can while he stays. When they find out that Jackson is cooking their dead friends and find Jillian's severed head in a freezer, they try and escape the resort, but Charlie is captured by the Odet brothers who sodomize him with a fire hose and turn it on until his stomach explodes all over them. Rod gets caught in a bear trap and Three Finger stabs him in the head with a machete.

After Toni severely burns Sally's face with boiling water and beats Jackson to death with a set of old keys like brass knuckles after stabbing him in the eye, Danny berates her for further harming his family and she backs up in fear until Three Finger stabs her in the back of the head.

A few days later, the resort opens to the public with Danny as the caretaker and the Odet brothers as the chefs. Danny and Sally have sex once again while the three brothers watch, now having a permanent home and unlimited food, that being the guests of the resort who aren't reported as missing thanks to Danny's new wealth and connections.

Wrong Turn

He made his first appearance alongside his two deformed brothers, Saw Tooth and One Eye as they attack both the medical student, Chris Flynn and the group of friends including Jessie, Carly, Scott, Evan, and Francine. When the others went to get help, he murders both Evan and Francine before bringing their bodies back to the isolated cabin with One-Eye and Saw-Tooth. Later, Three Finger and his brothers tracked down the remaining group as they investigate their cabin and manages to kill Scott. However, Chris, Jessie, and Carly manage to escape shortly after.

That night, when Chris, Jessie, and Carly went to the old watchtower in order to call for help, Three Finger, Saw-Tooth, and One-Eye manage to locate them and set fire to the watchtower. However, the group of survivors manage to escape and was forced to run across the trees. Three Finger climbs the trees and he manages to kill Carly. However, Chris manages to hit him with a tree branch when he was about to attack Jessie, making him fall down to the forest ground, but he survives.

The next day, Three Finger and his brothers manage to locate Chris and Jessie and they push Chris down the hill before they capture Jessie. Chris manages to survive his fall as he went to the mutant cannibals' cabin to attack the cannibals. Together, Chris and Jessie fought the mutants and eventually nearly killed Three Finger, Saw-Tooth, and One-Eye by blowing up their cabin before making their escape.

However, at the end of the film, Three Finger is revealed to have survived as he was last seen killing the deputy as he investigate the destroyed cabin.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Three Finger was first seen killing Kimberly by cutting her into half with the help of his nephew, Brother, another member of his cannibalistic family. Then, he and the mutant family begin their brutal assault on the rest of the contestants as he successfully killed Neil, a television crew member and captured Colonel Dale Murphy with the help of Pa. Later, he was seen torturing Dale in his cabin, but Dale manages to escape thanks to his military training before engaging Three Finger in the knife fight. During the fight, Dale manages to shoot Three Finger on his stomach with a shotgun and Three Finger falls into the lake and was presumably dead.

However, he survived thanks to his regenerative abilities. As the film ends, he was last seen feeding the newborn mutant baby Three Toe with a human finger before his laughter can be heard as the screen goes black.

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

Three Finger attacks the college students; Alex, Trey, Sophie, and Brent and successfully murdered three of them. However, Alex manages to escape into the woods.

Later, Three Finger flipped over the prison bus driven by the prison guards; Nate and Walter as well as loaded with the prisoners; Willy, Crawford, Floyd, Brandon, and Chavez. Then, he and Three-Toe begin to set the traps. However, Floyd and Chavez kill Three-Toe by shooting him and cutting off his head, using his head as the warning to Three Finger. However, their actions would only make Three Finger enraged. Soon, Three Finger begins his murderous assault on the group, killing Willy and Crawford in the process. Later, he captured Alex when Chavez used her as the bait and secure her in his cabin before hunting down the rest of the survivors. Later, he once again encountered Chavez and fought with him, managing to overpower him and kill him, avenging his nephew.

Sometime later, he returned to his cabin when he saw Nate setting Alex free and attacks him. Immediately, Alex saves Nate by stabbing Three Finger with a large stake before making their escape. However, Three Finger manages to survive and follows them when he leaps on top of the truck, causing them to crash the truck into the tree. When Brandon was helping both Nate and Alex, Three Finger attacked them once more. During the final battle, Nate manages to stab Three Finger in his head with a meat-hook. However, during the last scene of the movie, it is possible that he's still alive, as either he, or someone else, showed up with a club to kill Brandon off-screen.


Three Finger was a very cold-blooded and insane person. Because of his psychopathic nature, he kills his victims by using his brutal skills and then devour them. He is very sadistic and ruthless, having no qualms with killing, torturing, and eating innocent people

However, he loves his family. Especially his brothers and his nephew, Three Toe. But when he finds that they were killed, he easily turns cold, ruthless, and manipulative in his vengeance.

List of Victims

Before Wrong Turn

  • Unnamed Woman - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Damien Ramsey - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Female Hitch Hiker - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Unnamed Child - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
    • Total - 4

Wrong Turn

  • Richard Stoker - Killed off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers, body thrown off a cliff. (Possibly by Three finger)
  • Halley Smith - Throat slit off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers. (Possibly by Three finger)
  • Evan Ross - Ear cut off and throat slit off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers, body found later. (Possibly by Three finger)
  • Carly Numan - Head chopped in half at the mouth by Three Finger.
    • Total - 1 (4 Unconfirmed)

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

  • Kimberly Caldwell - Lips bitten off by Brother, cut vertically in half by Three Finger.
  • Neil - Throat slit and then scalped by Three Finger.
  • Chris - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by Three Finger, clothes shown over fire pit.
  • Wojo - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by Three Finger, clothes shown over fire pit.
    • Total - 4

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

  • Sophie - Shot in the chest and then the head with arrows by Three-Finger.
  • Trey King - Impaled through the mouth with a spear by Three Finger.
  • Brent McDonald - Sliced vertically into three pieces by a trap set by Three Finger.
  • Officer Preslow - Knife thrown into his neck by Three Finger.
  • Marshall William Juarez - Face sliced off with a scythe trap set by Three Finger.
  • Crawford - Encased in barbed wire and then dragged along a road by Three Finger.
  • Sheriff Calvin Carver - Impaled vertically with a spear by Three Finger.
  • Floyd - Set on fire with a Molotov cocktail thrown by Three Finger.
  • Deputy Ally Lane - Wrapped in a barbed wire net by Three Finger, slowly bled to death.
  • Chavez - Head popped open with a hatchet and brain eaten by Three Finger.
  • Brandon Lewis - Beaten to death with a club off-screen by Three Finger.
    • Total - 11

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

  • Mr. Hilliker - Killed and eaten off-screen by the Odet Brothers, mentioned.
  • Mrs. Hilliker - Killed and eaten off-screen by the Odet Brothers, mentioned.
  • Orderly Charlie - Stabbed in the eye with a needle, eyes and nose eaten by the Odet Brothers.
  • Dr. Ann Marie McQuaid - Electrocuted to death by Three Finger.
  • Dr. Brenden Ryan - Dismembered by barbed wire attached to chains by the Odet Brothers.
  • 179 Glenville Sanatorium Inmates - Killed and eaten by the Odet Brothers for 29 years to survive.
  • Porter - Killed off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers in an unknown manner, body found. (Possibly by Three Finger)
  • Claire - Hanged and decapitated with a barb wire noose by the Odet Brothers.
  • Daniel - Eaten alive by the Odet Brothers.
    • Total - 186 (187 Unconfirmed)

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

  • Deputy Kevin Biggs - Shot in both legs with arrows and stabbed in the head by three Finger.
  • Unknown Woman - Killed by one of the Odet Brothers or Maynard off-screen, body shown.
  • Cruz - Disemboweled with a knife by Three Finger.
  • Billy Brolin - Decapitated with a snow blower driven by Three Finger.
  • Julian Jones - Ground up with a snow blower driven by Three Finger.
  • Mose - Burned alive inside of a barrel by the Odet Brothers.
  • Jason Carter - Accidentally disemboweled by Sheriff Angela Carter in a trap set by Three Finger.
  • Lita Marquez - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by Maynard and the Odet Brothers.
    • Total - 7

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

  • Nick Jacobs - Shot in the head with an arrow by Three Finger.
  • Daria Willows - Head wrapped in a Barb wire trap set by the Odet Brothers, decapitated by Three Finger.
  • Agnes Fields - Stabbed with an Axe thrown by Three Finger and neck snapped by Jackson.
  • Sheriff Doucette - Shot in the head with an arrow by Three Finger.
  • Bryan - Hit in head with a Statue by Three Finger and smothered with a pillow by Sally.
  • Charlie - Stomach blown up with a water hose shoved up his anus by the Odet Brothers.
  • Vic Palka - Neck slit and disemboweled by Three Finger.
  • Rod O'Rourke - Captured in a bear trap and stabbed in the head with a machete by Three Finger.
  • Toni O'Rourke - Stabbed in the head with a knife by Three Finger.
    • Total - 9


  • Total - 210 Men and Women

Victims Gallery



  • Three Finger is the only character to appear in the first six Wrong Turn movies. The only film he has not appeared in is the 2021 Wrong Turn reboot, though an indirect reference is made to him and the Odet Family near the end.
  • Three Finger has the most kills out of all the other mutant antagonists in the franchise.
  • Sean Skene in Wrong Turn 4 not only portrayed Three Finger, but also portrayed Vincent, who was killed by Saw Tooth.
  • Three Finger building a monument for the severed head of his nephew Three Toe could possibly be a reference to Jason Voorhees building a shrine for his mother, Pamela Voorhees, after her death in the first Friday the 13th film.


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