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Villain Overview

The Three Great Heavens, also known as the Three Greats, are a antagonistic organization in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. They are three of the most powerful and legendary Great Generals within the State of Zhao. Each member possess martial prowess, tactical abilities, and strategical manipulation that others would call god like as they waged and conducted war on a massive scale while using every aspect of their individual armies' specialties and skill sets, inspired soldiers with just their presence or with a simple speech, or led from the frontlines while destroying every opponent and enemy soldiers that appeared before them with unbridle strength. These three exert impressive prestige and great fame as they represent the military might of the state of Zhao itself on the battlefields. As such they rivaled the Six Great Generals of Qin, the Fire Dragons of Wei, and Gaku Ki, the God of Military of Yan as legendary figures of the previous era of the Warring States in the Central Plains of China.


Current members

  • Hou Ken (Great General of the Hou Ken Army, deceased)

Former Members

  • Ren Pa (Great General of the Ren Pa Army, exiled)
  • Rin Shou Jo (Great General of the Rin Shou Jo Army, deceased)
  • Chou Sha (Great General of the Chou Sha Army, deceased)
  • Ri Boku (Stripped of his rank and is now a fugitive after being ousted for his defeat by Ou Sen and loss of Gyou)

Unofficial Members

  • Shi Sa Shou (Lord of Seika city and Great General level warrior)
  • Kei Sha (Protégé of Ri Boku and General of the Kei Sha Army, deceased)



  • Ri Boku Army
    • Ba Nan Ji Army
    • Shun Sui Ju Army
    • Kaine Unit
    • Fu Tei Unit
  • Hou Ken Army
    • Chou Sou Army
    • Man Goku Army
    • Kou Son Ryuu Army
    • Ri Haku Army
    • Shou Mou Army


  • Ren Pa Army
    • Four Heavenly Kings
      • Gen Pou Army
      • Kai Shi Bou Army
      • Rin Ko Army
      • Kyou En Army
  • Rin Shou Jo Army
    • Rin Family's Ten Generals
  • Chou Sha Ryuu Army
  • Dojaku Unit
  • Gyou'Un Army
  • Rai'un Unit
  • Ten Spears

Power and Authority

In the central plains of China, the previous generation of the Three Great Heavens were apart of a gathering of great military figures that were famous across the Warring States that consisted of the Six Great General, the Wei Fire Dragons, Gaku Ki the God of Military, and Kou En the Tiger of Chu and Conqueror of the East.

Martial Prowess

Tactical Abilities

  • In the case of Rin Shou Jo, he was blessed with both intellect and courage as he was one of the greatest tactical-based Great Generals of his generation.


Zhao Monarchy and Government

The current king's a useless oaf. the previous on was quite decent. But this one's just unbearable. I'm not stupid enough to serve under an idiot like him. And I'll catch his stupidity too.
~ Ren Pa to Gaku Jou.

While the Great Heavens were like forces of nature on the battlefield they suffered from bed relations with their kings and government, it notably being a major problem for Ren Pa and his successor Ri Boku. 30 years ago during the Battle of Chouhei, the previous Zhao king grew increasingly frustrated at the 2 year long tag of war conflict with the armies of Qin and decided to replace Ren Pa as the supreme commander with a hot bloodied idiot general who was instantly killed by the Monstrous Bird of Qin, Ou Ki. This horrible defeat led to the Qin winning the two-year-long stalemate and the remaining Zhao forces to capitulate. With over 400,000 captured soldiers, the Qin commander-in-chief, Haku Ki, came to a decision on how to deal with these prisoners. Citing a lack of food to spare and the danger of rebellion as his reasons, the Great General ordered the prisoners to be put death by burying them alive. This act strengthen the dreaded reputation of the Six Great Generals while it caused a massive amount hatred for the Qin to spread amongst the state of Zhao.

Six Great Generals

The era...of Qin's Six Great Generals and Zhao's Three Great Heavens...A period where held the lives of millions of men in our palms!! A time where we dedicated our very beings to the clash of those bodies day and night!!
~ Ren Pa to Mou Gou

Six Great Generals vs Three Great Heavens.png

Wei Fire Dragons

As rivals, the Three Great Heavens had numerous conflicts with the Fire Dragons. A notable one being fought between Gai Mou, the Raging Bull and Ren Pa during which the Zhao Great General dismissed the Bull and refused to fight him personally as he saw the man as nothing more but a dreamless brute that was content with only fighting.

Ri Shin

Since the Battle of Bayou and the death of General Ou Ki, Ri Shin bares grudges against the two new Great Heavens as Hou Ken slaughtered and killed members of the Hi Shin Unit while nearly killing him and the rest of his men in the process and Ri Boku's machinations being responsible for the death of the great man that served as his compass for his dream of becoming a Great General.

Just this once, I will allow you to live. However, I shall remember your name. Shin.
~ Hou Ken to Ri Shin

Hou Ken, as a Bushin, sensed the young man's martial talent and immediately sought his death as way to prove to the heavens that he was worthy of his title. while he initially saw him as a weakling that opinion quickly changed after the young 100-man commander managed to cut and wound him. This simple encounter was further deepen as they became archenemies after Hou Ken killed Duke Hyou, a Great General that Shin saw as somewhat of a father figure and mentor and after their fight with each other during the climax of the Battle of Sai during which Shin wounded him not just once but twice after deflecting the Bushin's strike in a contest of strength.

Seeing him as nothing more but a child after meeting him during Qin/Zhao alliance banquet, Ri Boku respects Shin for his accomplishments from the Battle of Bayou as he remembered the reports of the young 100-man commander killing Fuu Ki of Intellect from the Hou Ken Army and Gi Ka, Zhao's member of the Ten Bows. With that said Ri Boku would always show his arrogance towards Shin as he teased him on how unfortune it was that Shin couldn't kill or harm him. But to the shock of everyone who was present, Shin boldly stated Don't sell me short, Ri Boku. I'm not even the slightest bit upset by you not dying here. This isn't the sort of place where a man who defeated Ou Ki should die. An it wasn't just his podao, I've received a ton of other amazing things from General Ou Ki too. I'm going to become even stronger. I might only be a commander of 300 comrades at the moment but from here on, I'm gonna climb even higher and my unit's gonna grow even larger too. The names of me and my unit will roar throughout all the lands under the heavens. So listen well, Ri Boku. And etch my face and my words deeply into your head. The one who will defeat you will be I, Shin of the Hi Shin Unit!!. Impressed with the way Shin riposted him, Ri Boku took a liking to him. However, this encounter would lead Ri Boku to continually underestimate Shin in regards to his abilities and cause the young man to surprise the Great General in various ways whenever they met.

It wouldn't be until the Coalition's loss against Qin and the death of his protégé Kei Sha at Shin's hands that Ri Boku started taking him more, and more seriously while viewing him as a creditable threat on the battlefield. No longer seeing him as just a child.


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