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The Three Witches are minor villains from the adventure video game King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella. They are three sisters that inhabit a skull-like cave. They shared a single eye among themselves.


The ancients Greeks knew of three women whom they called Graeae, or sometimes Phorcides. These wicked sisters had only one eye and one tooth to share among them, and Perseus stole both of them from the evil old women. They are purported to be sisters of Gorgon and were born as old women. They live in the far, far west, in a place where 'the sun never shines'.

They are witches of the dark variety, followers of the left-hand path who used their magical art for evil purposes.


The Three Witches are encountered in their skull-shaped cave when Rosella first enters the cave. One of them will run towards Rosella to try to grab her. The trick is to go to the other two sisters without touching them and grab their eyes. Once Rosella gets their eyes, they will tell her to give it back. Rosella then has to leave the cave and come back in it.

When Rosella returns to the cave, the Three Witches will throw her a scarab and tell Rosella to return them their eyes. When Rosella picks up the scarab, then she throws them their eyes. Once they have their eyes, they tell Rosella to come closer because they have a surprise for her. Do not listen to them because they are trying to catch Rosella and put her into their cauldron to kill and eat her.


  • Despite their cannibalistic tendencies they are not necessarily evil, but most likely neutral in the affairs of humans.


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