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Threeclaws in an anthropomophic weasel in Slagar the Cruel's gang, serving as his second-in-command, was usually left in charge when Slagar was away.


Threeclaws met Slagar shortly before the events of Mattimeo and joined his new gang of slavers, eventually becoming his luitenant. Unlike most of the other slavers, Threeclaws became fully aware of Slagar's traitorous nature, and therefore wasn't as vulenrable to betrayal as the others.

While Slagar and the rest of the gang infiltrated Redwall abbey, Threeclaws left behind and guarded the slaves. Slagar drugged the adults with sleeping poition and abducted the children, and Threeclaws made sure that the few adults who weren't asleep won't wake up to see the next sunrise.


Threeclaws was feared both by the slaves and his subordinates for his sadistic and forceful behavior. He was shown treating Vitch, the youngest member in Slagar's gang, as if he was one of the slaves, berating him physically abusing him as punishment for what he and Slagar considered as failures in keeping the slaves in line.

However, despite his cruelty and aggressive behavior, Threeclaws was shown to respect his underlings in his own way, even considering some of them as friends.


  • Alongside with Mattimeo, Threeclaws was the only character who knew Slagar's true identity.


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