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Thrust is a minor antagonist in Generation One of The Transformers.

He was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert, who also voiced Blitzwing and Shawn Berger, along with Mr. Smee in Peter Pan and the Pirates, Dormammu in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Grey Gargoyle in Iron Man.


G1 Cartoon

Thrust was one of a group of Decepticons who appeared among Megatron's troops on Earth with no introduction in the two-part second season story "Dinobot Island". They raided the island the Dinobots were using as a training ground in order to steal the energy of a time portal. They were beaten back by a group of time-displaced dinosaurs.

In another two-parter, "Megatron's Master Plan", Thrust was among those who accompanied Starscream in raiding a purported energy facility. He later took part in a smear campaign that saw the Autobots branded villains and forced off planet, allowing the Decepticons to enslave the humans. Thrust pursued the Autobots' human ally Chip Chase back to the Ark and destroyed the computer to stop him using it, unknowingly cancelling a programme that would have sent the Autobots into the heart of the sun and allowing them to return and defeat the Decepticons.

Thrust had a noted lack of ambition. In "The Golden Lagoon", on finding a pool of electrum which made Transformers indestructible, he immediately reported it to Megatron rather than using it for himself. In "The God Gambit", when Astrotrain was declared a god by a group of aliens, Thrust was happy to follow him.

After a number of other Season Two appearances, Thrust took part in the attack on Autobot City in The Transformers: The Movie. He was one of Starscream's lieutenants during his very short tenure as Decepticon leader. He was apparently destroyed during Unicron's attack on Cybertron but reappeared in the third season opener "Five Faces of Darkness" among the Decepticons in exile on Chaar.

He last appeared in "Ghost in the Machine", where he, Dirge, Runabout & Runamuck were blamed by Galvatron for failing to stop Starscream's ghost stealing one of Trypticon's eyes. The quartet were taking refuge in Trypticon when Starscream stole the city Transformer and managed to put it out of action before Starscream could link it to Unicron's head.

Marvel Comics

Thrust first appeared in Marvel US Issue #17 among the Decepticons serving Lord Straxus on Cybertron and attempting to capture an escaped Blaster. In the UK-exclusive story "Target: 2006", he was among the targets of the Autobots' Operation: Volcano, but failed to walk into their trap when the group were recalled by Megatron. This led into US #21, where he had joined up with the Earth Decepticons. With Dirge and Ramjet, he flew cover for Megatron's attempt to steal the power of a dam. They fought with the Aerialbots and ultimately had to withdraw.

In "The Gift", he and Bombshell attempted to hijack a fuel shipment but were stopped by Jetfire. He continued to make occasional appearances as Decepticon leadership passed to first Shockwave and then Ratbat. In Issue #31, he took part in the theft of an oil tanker that turned out to be empty. In Issue #41, he took part in a massed assault on the Autobots on the moon, where he was apparently killed by Blaster. However, he reappeared during the Underbase Saga, acting as transport to the Decepticons' island base when they turned it into a holiday resort as cover. Like most of the older Decepticons, he disappeared soon after and may have been among those deactivated by the Underbase-powered Starscream.

The post-movie version of the character appeared in "Space Pirates" as one of Soundwave's generals who ultimately allied with the Autobots against an invasion by the Quintessons. In Marvel UK's Earthforce storyline, he appeared in "Divide and Conquer", taking part in the diversionary attack on Autobot Earthforce base.


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