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Thrust was the Decepticon's tactician and a major antagonist of Transformers Armada. While excellent at composing strategies, Thrust struggles at improvising when they are interfered with. Considering himself the brightest Decepticon around, Thrust speaks arrogantly to everyone around him. Underneath his pompous exterior, however, Thrust is a cowardly backstabber.   

In the comic book version of Armada, Thrust is instead a loyal, cowboy-like Decepticon not unlike Quickstrike from Beast Wars.

He was voiced by Colin Murdoch.


Thrust was mentioned in Linkup to be a excellent tactician who orchestrated Decepticon victories on the planets Vector, Orga, and Duke. 

Thrust joined Megatron on Earth, in Tactician, picking his Mini-Con partner, Inferno, from among the other Mini-Cons the Decepticons had locked up in the closet. Thrust concocted a plan to eliminate Optimus Prime by luring the Autobots with a fake Mini-Con signal. While the Decepticons kept the trapped Autobots under constant fire, Megatron singled out Optimus, separating him from his men and the Skyboom Shield. However, Jetfire, Optimus's second-in-command, arrived and threw off Thrust's plans.

In Linkup, Thrust devised a plan both to steal the Skyboom Shield and to destroy Jetfire in revenge. Thrust lured Jetfire to an area above the ocean where he, StarscreamCyclonus, the Air Military Mini-Con Team, and the Air Defense Mini-Con Team attacked the Autobot. Though they underestimated Jetfire's reluctance to attack Mini-Cons, Thrust's force soon proved to be overwhelming. When the other Autobots appeared on a nearby island to assist Jetfire, Megatron led a small attack intent on stealing the Skyboom Shield. After goating at his victory, Thrust ordered Starscream to finish Jetfire off. However, Optimus warped to Jetfire's location and Powerlinxed with him, allowing him to defeat the Decepticons. Thrust was amused by the new change and said the war had gotten more interesting.

Thrust discussed why the Autobots had the advantage with Megatron, in Detection, reckoning the Autobots worked as a team better than the Decepticons. Despite Megatron's angry reaction, threatening to slice with the Star Saber, Thrust told him he believed the Decepticons suffered lack of unity, implying Sideways was responsible. Sideways, realising Thrust was a threat, convinced Demolishor that Thrust was a traitor, which Thrust himself anticipated. He had Starscream tail Sideways when he made his report to his true leader. Megatron then allowed Thrust to take on Sideways himself, and the two battled for a while, with Thrust using Inferno' invisibility powers to his advantage. Thrust would have destroyed Sideways if he did not use his trans-phase mode to reveal his otherworldly abilities, and he fled.

In the two-parter Awkening/Desperate, Thrust summoned Tidal Wave to Earth to aid Megatron's forces. During a beachside battle with Autobot forces, Tidal Wave arrived in the ocean. After a moment of pointing out Tidal Wave's capabilities, Thrust ordered Tidal Wave to open fire on the Autobots. Tidal Wave kept the Autobots under constant pressure until Hot Shot and Blurr dove down underneath Tidal Wave and attacked his underbelly. Tidal Wave sank, much to Thrust's consternation. His confidence was restored when Tidal Wave emerged from the water in robot mode and began to attack the Autobots again. Tidal Wave swiftly changed the tide of battle for the Decepticons, even being a match for Jet Optimus. Thrust did reserve the final blow to Optimus for Megatron and had Tidal Wave combine with the Decepticon leader, and Megatron successfully separated Optimus from Jetfire. However, the Space Mini-Con Team appeared and combined to form the Requiem Blaster. Thrust immediately moved to take the powerful weapon, but Optimus kicked him away and used the Blaster to slow his descent and land safely. With the Requiem Blaster in Optimus's hands, Megatron ordered a retreat.

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  • This incarnation of Thrust is more intelligent than his G1 counterpart, and his eventual treachery is somewhat reminiscent of Starscream's traditional characterisation.
    • His boastful, but cowardly personality does match with the original, however.
  • Thrust did get a "Powerlinx" recolour, which resemble his G1 colours. However, he never recieves this upgrade in the show. 
  • The Movieverse Thrust(s) seen in Bumblebee use Armada Thrust's green colour scheme. 


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