Thuggee was an absurdity that worshipped Kali with human sacrifices.
~ Captain Blumburtt about the Thuggee

The Thuggee are an evil cult that served as the primary antagonistic faction of the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


A twisted and evil group the Thugee worshipped the goddess Kali with human sacrifice and terrorist acts. Soldiers of the British Empire wiped out the Thuggee in the 19th century.

The British Empire were assumed to have wiped out the Thuggee cult. However the Thugee survived the British attacks and continued in secret, based out of caves underneath Pankot Palace. In the 1930s they were led by Mola Ram, and the group had come to possess two of the five Sankara Stones. The group stole a third stone from a nearby village and kidnapped the village children to mine for the remaining two stones so that with the five stones they could summon Kali and take over the world.

The group was defeated due to the timely intervention of Indiana Jones, who set the children free and destroyed the mine. Summoning the power of Shiva, Jones defeated Mola Ram when the stones burned his hand. Two of the stones fell into the river below them, while Jones caught the third stone. Mola Ram fell into the river, devoured by hungry crocodiles.

The remaining Thugee tried to kill Dr. Jones, however a detachment of British soldiers arrived to assist Dr. Jones. Many of the Thugee were killed and the remaining cult members were arrested by the British.


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