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The Thugs are an antagonistic group in Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light. They are the drug dealers residing in Seattle.


Infamous: First Light

The leader of his own mob, Shane contacts Abigail Walker for help in which she accepts to help find his organization defeat the Akurans. Thanks to the aid of Abigail, Shane and his thugs succeeded to defeat the Akurans which withdrew from the first to the second section. Brent was unleashed, only then for Shane to take him hostage to make Abigail help Shane cement his power. She had no choice but to more things to help the organization, the last of which was fighting the cops to force the police chief into a deal to let him and his organization peaceable. Shane managed, and tricked her into entering into the gas chamber due to her being a liability, only for her to grow her rage that her powers are strong enough to blow up doors, killing nearby thugs in the process. Thus, she survived.

In revenge, Abigail made hard her path at harming the organization she was once forced to help. After Shane was killed, the Thugs lost their leader.

Infamous: Second Son

Although Shane died, the Thugs preserved their reign over the first section in Seattle, and even rose their operations in the second. At the tunnel, when Delsin Rowe crosses, he encountered a looter who was shocked to discover Delsin is a conduit by labelling him a "bioterrorist" before shooting him. However, unknown to the Thugs, Delsin regenerated himself quickly thanks to his powers. He took them out, then he either subdued or executed the last one surrendering and begging him for mercy.

If Delsin chooses to redeem Abigail, the pair teamed up to dismantle the operations of the Thugs by destroying the shipments of drugs at the docks.

Around Seattle, the Thugs keep many drugs, and Delsin can eliminate the groups and destroy the drugs for good karma. They are also seen fighting police officers.


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