NOTE: This article is about Thumbelina from the Marvel comics. If you're confused with the Don Bluth character, click here.


Thumbelina is a mutant from Marvel comics and a member of Stryfe's villainous Mutant Liberation Front - a group she is loyal to despite her mistreatment by many of its members.


Thumbelina was a member of the Mutant Liberation Front. She was often picked on by the other members of the team, particularly Wildside and Strobe. Stryfe often kept Thumbelina in the reserves, and only sent her out when he absolutely needed to. Because of her weight, she would get tired very easily, espcially when Tempo used her time altering powers to grant the team super speed. However, Thumbelina's powers were useful to the group, as she provided easy access to difficult areas; she also became skilled in using her power for sneak attacks. In one mission, Thumbelina was able to repair a bomb that was severed by gunfire, and enabled the Mutant Liberation Front to succeed in their mission. She was later sent to release the captured Nasty Boys, Slab and Hairbag. Slab, Thumbelina's brother, has the complementary ability to grow in size to an extent, and they have a close relationship together. Her only friend in the Mutant Liberation Front was Dragoness, who was the only member that didn't make fun of her.

It is unknown if Thumbelina retained her powers after Decimation.

Powers and Abilities

Thumbelina has the mutant ability to shrink her body while increasing her strength at the same time.