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[[Category:Pyrotic Villains]]
[[Category:Pyrotic Villains]]
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[[Category:Male Villains]]
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Thunder and Lightning Teen Titans
Thunder and Lightning are the two characters in the Teen Titans episode, Forces of Nature. They are spiritual brothers that like to cause mischief that leads to destruction. The Teen Titans fought Thunder and Lightning. Beast Boy convinced Thunder that what they're doing to the people and the town is wrong. Thunder and Lightning met up with a mysterious old sorcerer (who was really Slade in disguise) and created a monster made of fire.

Finally, Thunder and Lightning realized that their "fun" was wrong. Lightning, thinking Thunder betrayed him angrily fought together. Then, Thunder and Lightning made up and created a rainstorm to extinguish the flame monster, putting it's reign of terror to an end. Then Thunder and Lightning apologized to the Teen Titans for what they've done.

Comics History

Gan and Tavis Williams

Gan Williams 001
200px-Tavis Williams 001

Lightning (Superman villain)


Thunder (Doom Patrol villain)

Thunder II
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