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Thunder and Lightning are the main antagonists of 2006 animated superhero film Hellboy: Sword of Storms. They are a pair of demon brothers who terrorized ancient Japan.

Lightning is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


In Japan, Thunder and Lightning terrorize the lands of a Daimyō, with Thunder's war hammer that could create powerful earthquakes and Lightning's spear which could fire powerful blasts of lightning. In order to save his lands, the Daimyō met with the brothers and offered them what was most precious to him, his own daughter, whom he was going to sacrifice to the brothers, and they accepted the offer. However, the Daimyō had a brave samurai who was in love with his daughter, and realized the Daimyō's plan to sacrifice her, so the samurai send her to shrine in order to protect. When the brothers came to collect the Daimyō's daughter, they were faced with the samurai who challenged them. Despite Thunder and Lightning furiously attacking the samurai, he stood his ground against the brothers. Just when it appeared that Thunder and Lightning were going to kill the samurai, the samurai used his sword, which had been inscribed with ancient words of enchantment, on the brothers and they were sealed inside of the samurai's sword. Despite Thunder and Lightning being imprisoned and the Samurai saving the Daimyō's lands, Daimyō was furious at the Samurai as he had already given Thunder and Lightning his word, and the Samurai had broken his word, bringing shame on the Daimyō's house. After the Samurai left the Daimyō's lands to be with his love, but the Daimyō begged the gods to undo the shame brought on his house, the Daimyō's prayers were answered and the Samurai was transformed into a stone statue, while the Daimyō killed his own daughter. Thunder and Lightning then remained imprisoned within the Samurai's sword.

Hundreds of years later, the story of brothers was read on ancient scroll by Professor Mitsuyasu Sakai, and the spirits of the brothers took possession of his body in order to escape their imprisonment and free their brothers, the Dragons. They then force the professor go to the house of a colleague of his to get the Samurai's sword.



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