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Did you ask me if I'm OK? Me? You're so niiice... How many years has it been since I've spoken with a woman? No... It's my first time. I've never in my entire life had a heart-to-heart talk with a female. "Are you OK?" What a wonderful phraaase. Filled with care... Right now... I'm... so happy... Someday, I want to meet someone like you... and live with her for the rest of my liiife... But that'll never happen. I'm just so pathetic... I feel like dying.
~ Thunder McQueen to Ermes Costello before first attempting suicide.
Oh jeez... you're so great. I mean it! Your heart spoke to me! You have me feeling so inspired now! It really shows a guy how lucky he is! I'm getting the chance to meet an amazing person such as yourself right before the end! And for that, I'd like to thank you! If I can make sure to die with you, then we can stay together forever! I never realized I can be so happy!
~ Thunder McQueen before unleashing his final attack on Ermes, trying to kill them both.

Thunder McQueen is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. He is a suicidal prison inmate given a Stand by Enrico Pucci, which he uses to try to kill Ermes Costello. Thunder wields the Stand known as Highway to Hell.

He was voiced by Toru Nara in Japanese and Jas Patrick in English.


Before the events of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Thunder McQueen was sentenced to eight years in jail for shooting a woman, a crime he says was a freak accident and a badly drawn conclusion after he mistakenly fired a gun while cleaning it as a woman tried to kill herself.

Regardless of the nature of the scenario, he was sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison. Working as a janitor, he is first seen trying to steal money from Ermes Costello. In the resulting scuffle, Ermes manages to snatch McQueen's memory disk. Later on, Ermes finds McQueen attempting suicide, causing his stand to activate. Ermes attempts to talk him out of killing himself, but this only desires him to have them both die together. He tries to kill himself again, only for Ermes to use Kiss to save herself, defeat McQueen, and take his Stand Disc. Sometime after this, Ermes gives him his memory disc back, but not his Stand Disc.


Thunder McQueen is a man of a tall stature and standard build, with blond hair and brown eyes. On part of his face, his hair distorts to form a large "M". He wears a blue collared shirt, a brown belt, and dark-blue pants.


There are people who win biiillions of dollars in the lottery. But the opposite kind of people exist too... that's what I am.
~ Thunder McQueen
Hey, McQueen. You're truly evil, aren't you? You worm your way through this world with no animosity, and worst of all, you don't think you're causing anyone any trouble. You also insist on playing the victim; although you have no interest in others, you're hoping that someone will come along one of these days and save you. You're what's referred to in certain circles as "the worst." Dragging others down with your misfortune is a truly evil approach, which makes me have to say I'm quite fond of you, McQueen.
~ Enrico Pucci to Thunder McQueen

Thunder McQueen is a badly depressed, self-centered man who desires to kill himself due to him believing society rejected him. He notes that confession makes him feel better, and has a one-sided relationship with Ermes.

Powers and Abilities

Highway to Hell

Th-The moment he hung himself!! M-my neck... Is it connected?! My body's ending up... in the same condition... as his?!
~ Ermes on Highway to Hell.

McQueen's Stand, Highway to Hell, is an automatic Stand, appearing as four purple propellers that jut out of the body part McQueen uses as a medium to kill himself.

When it's user tries to kill himself, he can make someone else feel the same injury he is inflicting upon himself. For example, when McQueen attempted to hang himself, the Stand manifested on Ermes' neck, slowing crushing it.

The only way to beat this Stand is to save McQueen's life and take his Stand Disc.


  • In a darkly humorous coincidence, Thunder McQueen's namesake, Alexander McQueen, killed himself in 2010.


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