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Thunderbird is the main antagonist of the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger V-Cinema movie Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode of Stinger. He is a member of the Space Shogunate Jark Matter initially serving as a Daikaan of Earth who is promoted later to Karo of the Norma System.


Thunderbird was one of the members of Jark Matter appointed as a Daikaan of Earth after Jark Matter conquered it. Eyeing potential in a half-alien girl named Mika Retsu, Thunderbird manipulated a village into lynching her by tricking them into believing she was responsible for Jark Matter's invasion. Then, when she was all alone, Thunderbird approached her and took advantage of her insecurities to manipulate her into joining Jark Matter.

After Mika moved to his side, Thunderbird ordered her to massacre the village that had persecuted her as a way of proving her loyalty to Jark Matter. After Mika completed the task and killed all the residents of the village, Thunderbird provided her with an Enlarge Inro and told her she had been promoted to Daikaan. Thunderbird then summoned the power of Don Armage to mutate her into a monster and sent her out to kill the Kyurangers Champ and Stinger. After Mika fails to accomplish the task, as she cannot bring herself to harm Stinger for being kind to her, Thunderbird shows up and fatally wounds her, mocking her and saying that she is no longer useful to him before departing and leaving Stinger to mourn her.

Thunderbird was later promoted to Karo of the Norma System for his success. He was eventually confronted by Stinger and Champ again, at which point he revealed himself as the one who caused Mika to be lynched and the true source of her pain. A vengeful Stinger then fought Thunderbird, only for the newly promoted Karo to beat him back. However, using the power of the Ikkakuju Kyutama, Stinger is able to overpower and destroy Thunderbird, finally avenging Mika.


Thunderbird is incredibly manipulative and remorseless, ruining Mika's life and making her village turn against her all so he could use her as an expendable minion. He does not seem to value the lives of anyone other than himself, viewing Mika as little more than a pawn for him to kill off once she has no longer become useful to him. He is only concerned with acquiring more power for himself, no matter who he has to kill. Despite this, Thunderbird is shown to be very charismatic and good at lying, being able to convince Mika he cared for her in order to get her to change sides, only to coldly dispose of her when she couldn't carry out her mission.

After being promoted to Karo, Thunderbird seems to have become more arrogant, believing himself to be unbeatable due to his title, which naturally leads to him being in shock when he is finally killed by Stinger.

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