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Thurah is one of the three demon guardians of Mathias and a minor antagonist in the 2011 fantasy/horror film Fading of the Cries.

He was portrayed by both Philip J. Silvera and Thomas Ian Nicholas.


Thurah is a spiteful demon who obeyed Mathias alongside two other devils Malyhne and Sylathus, served as the necromancer's eyes and ears during daylight and as well kill anyone who stand in his way.


The demon Thurah appears as a hooded man in a black hooded robe with a faceless mask with 2 eyes and he carries twin sickles.


Thurah is a demon from hell. He was summoned along with Malyhne and Sylathus by the sorcerer Mathias to wreak revenge and havoc upon the townspeople and their church elders for the death of his beloved wife. He and the other two demons soon disappeared with their master and were never seen from again. Thurah like Sylathus and Malyhne, would be summoned and controlled, but with a sacrifice of one soul.

Thurah would be resurrected and fully summoned at Mathias' command via the life essence of Michael who finally avenged his family's deaths by slaughtering their murderer but at a terrible cost.

Thurah after his two fellow demons were defeated and slain, fought the young swordsman Jacob and lost, thus in the process, that defeat of the demon has freed the tortured soul of Michael.


Thurah.png|Thurah, the demon of spite. Thurah attacks.jpg|Thurah continues to hunt down both Sarah and Jacob. Sadistic Mathias.jpg|The sadistic Mathias summons his demon slave Thurah to fight Jacob. </gallery>


  • Thurah has another name called "Thur'al" as shown in the end credits of the film.
  • He was erronously called "Creature" in the end credits of the film.