Thurgon Farmir

Thurgon Farmir is an antagonist in the videogame SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.

Thurgon is the smith of the Order of Dawn fortress at Greydusk Vale. As the fortress is besieged by the army of the undead, Farmir has grown dispirited. Eventually, Farmir decided that one survivor would be better than none at all and betrayed the fortress by delivering a map containing the secret tunnels underneath Greydusk Vale to the undead leader Zihar.

When the Rune Warrior arrived and broke the siege, he entered the fortress. He spoke with Thurgon, who asked the Rune Warrior whether he could deliver a letter from Thurgon to Tanara, a weaver living in Greyfell. The Rune Warrior accepted. When the Rune Warrior later spoke to Morton Tharne, the second-in-command of the fortress commander Urias, he was informed about the tunnels and about the traitor inside the walls. After the Rune Warrior led an army against the undead, he found the map detailing the tunnels. The Rune Warrior recognized the hand writing on the map, it was the same as the one on the letter to Tanara. The Rune Warrior informed Tharne about the traitor and both went to confront Thurgon. As Thurgon did not intend to let himself get captured, he attempted to fight and was killed by the Rune Warrior and Tharne.

The Rune Warrior can later bring Thurgon's letter to Tanara. Although its contents are not revealed, it seems that he has asked her for forgiveness and has written down that he betrayed the fortress.

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